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  1. Kensington

    Dual Adult Health/Women's Health NP program?

    Yale has a dual Adult/WHNP program! :)
  2. Kensington

    NPs in California

    Hmm, perhaps this is why I never read anything on California, LOL. Anyone, anyone? :)
  3. Kensington

    NPs in California

    Hi all, I read a lot of "scope of practice" discussions about NPs in Texas, and how their BON is really cracking down on FNPs in the hospital. What about California? Can anyone speak to the situation there, and how likely it is that FNPs will be pushed out of the hospital there as well? Thanks! Kens
  4. Kensington

    another "what are my chances" thread

    You completely have a shot. Most direct-entry programs really look at the whole package, and I mean that -- they really do. I interviewed at several schools, and have talked with many other applicants from those and other schools, and there are always people with a low GPA that get in. It sounds like you have an interesting life story, and as long as you have clear goals about what you want to do in the future, I really think you stand a chance. Write a fantastic personal statement, and have some strong letter of rec. Good luck!
  5. Just curious what typical NP pay is in the bay area, what type of position do you have, etc.? Would love any insights to working conditions, and overall satisfaction. :) Thanks in advance!! Kens
  6. Kensington

    applying to direct entry masters programs

    Unfortunately, Yale's financial aid package isn't the best. They have a really strong program, however, and they cost less than Columbia! You definitely need the right combination of factors for you between location, reputation, specialty offerings, cost, etc. Good luck!
  7. Kensington

    Heading to San Fran

    I would start to look at areas near your hospital, because getting around the city takes more time than you think (my friend lives four miles away and it takes me 20+ minutes to get over to her via car). There are so many wonderful areas to live in, but by your age and description, it sounds like you might like: the Marina, Cow Hollow, parts of SoMa, maybe even Hayes Valley. I live in Noe Valley, and while it's "cute", it's not "hip", unless you're a new mom, then it is quite so. It's off the J- Church muni line though, which is a nice convenience. PM me if you'd like more info, privately! You'll love it here! Kens :)
  8. Kensington

    applying to direct entry masters programs

    Hey you guys, I'm going to be starting Yale's direct-entry program in the fall, and would highly recommend looking into their program. They have a lot of specialty options, which is what originally attracted me to them. :) Good luck! The process isn't as bad as you think! Kens
  9. Kensington

    Where is Family NP heading?

    Are those 2 NPs in trauma FNPs?
  10. Kensington

    Life and jobs in San Francisco

    I live in the city, and I just love it. If you want an urban environment, and be able to walk and public transport to many things, it's GREAT. Yes, parking can be a pain, but you don't have to pay $400/month for a spot. I pay $150/month, and my friend who lives in SOMA pays $200. You can always find a fairly-priced place, but it will require a bit of looking. There are "trendy" neighborhoods, but even still, there are so many of them that I don't think any one stands out. Decide if being close to public transportation is close to you (BART or Muni Rail, although Muni buses are close to everyone pretty much), and then go from there. Good luck!
  11. Kensington

    What should I do?

    I would definitely apply this year if you can pull it off. You have nothing to lose (well, except for all the time it takes to put an application packet together!), and potentially everything to gain. Yale, where I'm headed in the fall, doesn't have any prereqs, but they do require the GRE. PM me if you'd like to chat about this! :)
  12. Kensington

    Getting a job as a new ACNP?

    Hey, you guys! I'm starting a direct-entry program in the fall, and when I graduate in 2011 (does that sound futuristic, or what?!), I should be an ACNP! I'm very excited about my specialty choice, as I have a strong interest in cardiology, as well as diabetes and possibly working with a hospitalist team. Now, having said all that, I realize that I'm not going to walk right into an ACNP position in California (where I intend to move back to when I'm done with school) right after graduation. So my question is this -- is it most likely that I will work as a new-grad RN for a couple years, and then hopefully segue into an ACNP position after that? I'm just wondering what you think, since you are the ones that are out there doing it now! :) Thanks much, Kens
  13. Well said, and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!! :)
  14. Kensington

    VENT: My Frustrating 1st ACNP Job

    I'm so happy to see that things are working out, Daisy!
  15. Kensington

    Relocating for Direct Entry MSN Programs

    Hi, kris! I'm relocating from California to Connecticut for Yale's program, and while I don't actually want to move, it's still exciting to know that I'll live on the east coast, which is something that I always thought would be kind of fun to experience. It's definitely expensive (both moving and the program), but I'm young and figure, what the heck! :) I say apply to as many schools as you have the motivation for, because competition is pretty fierce. As for whether its worth it or not -- I guess I'll let you know in three years! But seriously, I do think that it is, and since I want to teach, the name matters. Anyway, good luck to you! Kens
  16. Kensington

    Nursing School Suggestion?

    Definitely try Yale, Columbia and USD -- private schools tend to look at a lot more than just your GPA. Write an awesome personal statement, and do well on GREs and prereqs. Good luck!!