Should I quit LVN school? Or struggle on?

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Hi Everyone:

I need some advice...

I'm in my second month of LVN school, and I'm completed knackered. I'm so exhausted by Thursdays that I can barely see straight. I get shaky and dizzy from the lack of good sleep and a bad diet. Everything aches. My joints, my muscles. And I'm getting chronic infections in my ears and eyes. My doctor says it's from all the intense stress. My skin is breaking down from eczema and I can barely see to drive the 20 miles to school and back.

I used to be a lawyer. Law school wasn't nearly as hard. And the people were not as "ghetto." I have this girl who would steal food out of your mouth. Ugh. And everyone is so clique-y. It's worse than high school. I'm thinking of finishing out this module and then I don't know. I want to quit, but I need a new career.

Why is this so hard? I'm 35, but the 19 year olds seem to be handling this so much better than me. I feel like a loser.

I skipped out on school tonight just to get some sleep, plus I had fainted earlier on in the day. So thought I shouldn't be driving on the road...

Please advise...

Meatball Girl

Thank you, everyone for your comments. I'm still in LVN school and have decided to STICK IT OUT or til the heavens fall. I love it, even though it's hard and full of potholes. I'm scared a lot. I want to cry a lot. I do minor retail therapy a lot. I buy a lot of cheap little silver stud earrings to brighten my day. But yeah, I gained about 7 pounds and feel like ****. No end in sight but I'm not giving up. Thanks for all your input and support. I love all you guys on this forum!

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Hi! I was wondering how long your lvn program is? I assume its accelerated. I'm starting lvn school this month and want to be prepared.

My LVN program is 12 months. I'm in month 4. Good luck with your education.

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It's incredibly difficult, but not impossible. Any full-time LPN program is pretty much at this insane pace. Remember, there are a ton of LPNs out there who did it...while holding down a job (or two jobs, in my case). My program is 11 months and went from 30 students to only 8 in five months, so I feel your pain, I truly do. If the pace is too much for you, I'd definitely recommend enrolling in RN school, although to be honest, I've heard the grind is only somewhat better. Nursing school is grueling any which way you cut it, but clinicals on the med-surg floor can help you understand why understanding how to function during stressful times is so crucial.

Kim, what do you mean 6 extra months? Our program has NO lee way. You either do it and pass everything or you are gone. They do not allow any part-time. They are sending memos out regarding pictures for the graduating class photos and people are reluctant to buy the cap until the next big exam.

Oh, regarding the PA program, I do not know of any around here and I am not able to move. Then there is the matter of time and money.

cdsmom, it's a long story... The school I went to was pretty disorganized and dragged the 101 to 102 process and because of that we all had to make up those off days and they said it was required by the LAW we couldn't just go with the previous schedule and we all needed to make up the amount of time the state gave us.

yeah, I understand... It's all about time and money, but just fyi there's a PA program in Rush University I've heard of. If things work out, you can do some research on that. Good luck!:)

I was 39 when I was in LPN school. I never went to college, so the last time I was in a class room was 1987.

I was in a one year accelerated program, it was really tough, and I wanted to do mean things to the young peoria who said they never studied.

You can do this!!!!!!!

We started with 40ish students and graduated with 14.

I was the class valedictorian , so if I could do it so can you.

I'm now starting a ADN program in January.

My program also does the "weeding out" but not with as much as you say. For starters, we only do 20 of the most commonly used meds a week. That gives us the basic reactions, actions, uses, and nursing implications for the majority of the drug group. We also have a lot of paperwork on Monday afternoons that is due Tuesday am. But that is nursing. There are days we will be on our feet for hours at a time, grabbing a snack from a vending machine because we do not have time for a lunch break. Every occupation has its hazards. They want nurses in the profession that has drive to accomplish their missions, even if it means small sacrifices. People's health is in our hands and sometimes they cannot wait while we take a break. Just some food for thought. It's what keeps me pushing through the program especially when we have to do something that I think could have been done differently.

cdsmom. I just applied to the LPN program at ICC. I am interested in hearing about the program before they send out letters.

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