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Should I follow up with HR now?

I interviewed with the nurse manager, and it seemed like they thought I was a good fit. After thanking them via email, I was asked, "If we were to offer you the position, will you accept it?"

I of course said yes, knowing there were only people they interviewed after me. They were looking to make a decision in the next 2 days.

Then they reply and say, you will hear back from HR soon.

Well, it's been several days. How long should I wait to follow up with HR? The manager is on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I can't reach them even if I tried.

Meriwhen specializes in Psych ICU, addictions.

Sure, why not follow up with HR?

However, I would suggest making only one attempt--two at most--to follow-up with the manager after they've return (and yes, you could ask HR when the manager is expected back in the office). But repeated calls/attempts to follow up could risk you being labelled a nuisance.

And don't stop the job hunt while you wait to hear back.

Best of luck!

CrunchRN specializes in Clinical Research, Outpt Women's Health.

Patience. I applied for a great job and rocked the interview. 3 months later they hired me :)

I'd say about a week? I don't know what several days is for you, but if it's been a week, I'd do it if I were in your position. My husband who is in HR seems to think a week is appropriate for follow up :) good luck!


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