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  1. I'll be graduating with my NP next year, and I'm starting to freak out about starting out on my own knowing graduation is around the corner... I'm interested in learning about others' experiences as a new grad NP (whether that was recently or long ago): 1) What was your work setting? What state did you work in? 2) How long was your training as a new grad NP? Did you feel it was adequate? 3) Do you feel like there was enough support (educational, mentorship, etc.) from your supervising physician/co-NPs?
  2. luckycat

    Can't seem to get a job despite prior RN experience

    Sorry Wheaties, I feel ya! I've been out for 3 years and am trying to get back into bedside. It has been difficult getting rejected when I have 6 years of experience. I've even applied to new grad jobs and got rejected. Hang in there and keep trying. In the meantime, see what you can do to make yourself a stronger candidate- maybe volunteer work or trying a refresher course with a clinical to get yourself "recent experience". Also, try talking to travel nurse companies who are always recruiting for new hires. Some of the jobs might be a bit far (I was offered a job about 35-40 miles away from where I live but realistically the commute wasn't for me), but at least it's something. One caveat is that they usually want recent experience (the ones I've talked to require experience within the last 3 years)- so you could be a potential candidate in their eyes. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  3. luckycat

    Recommendation letter- question

    I'm applying to school for my MSN. Is it bad to ask the nursing school director for a letter of recommendation, if she works at the school I'm applying for? (I'd been employed under her at the nursing school for a short time.) She would surely be involved with the acceptance/rejection process for applications. Unfortunately, the school needs supervisory references, and I only have 2 (including her). Do you think this would hurt my chances of getting accepted if I ask her? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. luckycat

    Should I follow up with HR now?

    I interviewed with the nurse manager, and it seemed like they thought I was a good fit. After thanking them via email, I was asked, "If we were to offer you the position, will you accept it?" I of course said yes, knowing there were only people they interviewed after me. They were looking to make a decision in the next 2 days. Then they reply and say, you will hear back from HR soon. Well, it's been several days. How long should I wait to follow up with HR? The manager is on holiday for a couple of weeks, so I can't reach them even if I tried.
  5. luckycat

    UAB ACNP Fall 2016

    To those of you who have started the Fall 2016 online NP program (ACNP, FNP, etc.), how do you like it so far? I'm planning to apply for Fall 2017 for the Acute Care NP and would love any feedback! :) Also, how often are campus visits (if any)? Thanks!
  6. I'm in the middle of applying to schools for my MSN (Adult/Gerontology Acute Care NP) I'm looking at online schools as my primary option (There is only 1 school in my area that actually offers the acute care NP, and is super competitive so I'm sure my chances of acceptance are pretty low). Relocating isn't an option. Any school recommendations from those of you who have completed an Acute Care NP program?
  7. luckycat

    RN Refresher Course?

    Hi everyone, I'm from California and have been out of bedside nursing practice for 3 years. Can anyone recommend a good online or independent study refresher course that offers a clinical component? I'm looking at the program from South Dakota State University which seems pretty legit.
  8. Thanks, llg! I hadn't thought of being perceived as a "high risk" potential hire. I'm glad you mentioned it. Now I'm realizing I really need to revise my cover letter to explain the 3-year gap.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking to get back into bedside nursing after a 3-year hiatus (due to pursuing other personal interests). I have 5+ years of ICU experience. I've been applying for part-time, full-time, and per diem jobs with no call-backs for any interviews. I have gotten a few emails saying my application has been reviewed and not considered for the positions. Does anyone know if taking an RN refresher course (or something similar to that nature) will increase one's chances of getting hired after a long break of being "inactive"? If anyone has taken such a course, what was your experience? If there are any nurse recruiters on here, I would also love to hear your opinion. It seems like hospitals- in my area at least- want "current" experience, i.e. within the last 6 months-year.
  10. I was an ICU RN (with a BSN) for 5 years. 3 years ago I quit bedside nursing completely to start another career in the fitness industry (which I still plan to continue). I was pretty burned out from the bedside, but in the last several months I've realized how much I still want to be a part of nursing, and decided to further my career in the field. I plan to apply for an MSN program in California. But, seeing as how I haven't been practicing as an RN for the last 3 years, does anyone know if lack of current or recent RN job experience lessens the chances of being accepted for MSN programs? (I am currently looking for a bedside nursing job to get back into it and hopefully strengthen my chances of getting into grad school, but no such luck (I believe this is due to the gap of 3 years since I've been practicing)). Any advice, especially from those who have worked in schools of Nursing, will be greatly appreciated! :)
  11. luckycat

    blood products

    Thanks for the replies. I feel better knowing that transfusing units simultaneously is not completely out of standard practice. I did use a pressure bag for a couple of units as the time got closer to surgery. Luckily though the surgeon was late in finishing up a surgery before my patient was wheeled down the OR. I remember one shift where a colleague's severely ill patient needed ~10 blood products (PRBCs, FFP, platelets) transfused, I called the MD for her, and the MD told me to literally squeeze the unit of blood as fast as I could, into the patient. I was fairly new to ICU at the time, but looking back, I could've used a pressure bag. Duh.
  12. luckycat

    blood products

    I had a patient who came in with an INR of 15 (due to Coumadin use). I gave Vitamin K sub-q. Besides an AV fistula that was scantly oozing, there were no apparent signs of hemorrhaging. The patient had an ischemic bowel and needed to undergo necessary surgery timed for 3 hours later. At the doctor's request, the patient needed several units of FFP transfused before surgery. Because the blood bank took a while to prepare the blood, it was nearly 1.5 hours later until I could get ahold of a couple units of FFP; and just my luck, the FFP was going in slower than I thought. The doc said I can just run them in fast, and was okay with me transfusing 2 units simultaneously. However, my charge nurse later checked in and said we really shouldn't be transfusing 2 units of FFP at the same time (because of transfusion reactions). My patient was fine before, during, and after the transfusions and after surgery. But I do now realize the risks had a reaction had occurred. In my ICU, I've seen 2 blood products given simultaneously when patients are "crashing"; mine wasn't "crashing" but she did need the FFP. Does anyone know the recommendations for transfusing blood products simultaneously?