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    Average day about 7. The 12 hour shifts around 11. But the numbers can fluctuate. Be organized and knowledgeable as you'll be doing alot of teaching. I love seeing patients and bouncing all over Manhattan, but it's not for everybody. Good company to work for and many opportunities to move around within the company. I've held two admin type positions and actually missed patient care so I left my cubicle for the streets and I'm very happy. Pay is biweekly.
  2. nurseyNJNYC

    Nursing interviews for New Grad Nurses

    I think the key to being successful in the nursing interviews is to practice. It's your one big chance do you don't want to blow it. Be ready with an answer for every question that they throw at you. This helped me tremendously, but I had to put the time in to practice. Get Hired Every Time: Job Interview Tips for the New or Seasoned Nurse: A quick guide to nursing job interview success! Get Hired Every Time: Job Interview Tips for the New or Seasoned Nurse: A quick guide to nursing job interview success! - Kindle edition by Cybil Vein. Professional & Technical Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.
  3. nurseyNJNYC

    Should I follow up with HR now?

    One week, if you get a good response, follow up again in a few days.
  4. nurseyNJNYC

    Follow-up after interview

    definitely follow up! be proactive!
  5. nurseyNJNYC

    Interview Help Resources

    There seems to be a whole range of people looking for interview help, ranging from very basic things, to more complex questions. These were helpful to me for the most basic interview/application things. For the more clinical questions that are asked, I think experience, plus digging through the forums are pretty helpful. But sometimes you never know what to expect them to throw at you... You're Hired! A Nurse's Guide to Success in Today's Job Market by Brenda Brozek et al. Link: http://a.co/bm54xlE A little pricey for a new grad and no cheaper digital/kindle copy, may be a bit dated by now, but worth it if you're entering the market fresh. Get Hired Every Time: Job Interview Tips for the New or Seasoned Nurse: A quick guide to nursing job interview success! by Cybil Vein Link: http://a.co/9Gzbzed Digital/kindle only so it's cheap $. Quick and easy read, loaded with general information regarding the nurse interview, but doesn't delve into specific questions for specialized units (like i see posted on the boards). Very helpful for getting the interview right the first time. Becoming Nursey: From Code Blues to Code Browns, How to Care for Your Patients and Yourself by Kati Kleber BSN RN Link: http://a.co/bMfWlm6 Paperback plus kindle version. This is just an honorable mention for newer nurses. I was semi forced to read this, but it did have some helpful points once you're in.
  6. nurseyNJNYC

    IV Certification

    .. and no hospital will even look at you without a bsn. i had my ASN 3 years ago, and they all wanted a BSN. finally got my BSN and they want 1, or 2, or 5 years of at least med/surg experience. these days, new grads actually get excited over getting a nursing home job.
  7. nurseyNJNYC

    IV Certification

    not really. most jobs will pay for you to get your iv certification or train you on the job. when it comes down to it, everybody wants a nurse with experience, which cuts down their costs of training a new nurse. why spend money training a new nurse when there are a plethora of nurses out there already trained in xxxxx, and already desperate for a job because the job market is horrible. in the past i considered getting my acls, pals, etc, thinking that it would increase my chances of getting a job. bottom line is that they want an experienced nurse. or you have to know someone.
  8. Get your BSN. Hospitals won't even LOOK at you without one, unless by chance you have years of experience in your specialty, and even if you did (but you won't because you will be a new grad), they would still require you to get your BSN within X amount of years. I took the extra long route to my BSN via LPN to ASN to BSN. Through those 7 years, the job market has changed DRASTICALLY. You used to be able to walk into a place, fill out and application, and walk out with a job. Now you really need the edge to beat the minute odds of getting a job among a growing sea of thousands of other new graduates with no experience.
  9. - most nj hospitals are not for profit organizations, but the trend of becoming for profit facilities is growing. - can anybody share experiences about the difference between working for the two? i find that most of the information i've found has been about the decline of the quality of care in for profit hospitals. since some hospitals in jersey have taken that route, can anybody share any info? - i just interviewed at a hospital and by chance, found on the internet that it was getting bought out by a for profit. i'm wondering if this job could be a mistake.
  10. nurseyNJNYC

    So, I applied at NYP as a 1 Year experienced Nurse

    if i could only get that one golden year of med/surg... envy is my sin.
  11. nurseyNJNYC

    any recent new job success stories?

    :: crickets :: i guess people that have found jobs have no need to visit these boards for help or information.
  12. nurseyNJNYC

    any recent new job success stories?

    can't quite get into a hospital myself, but looking to see if anybody else has had any luck. just need a little inspiration before i cry myself to sleep.
  13. nurseyNJNYC

    aged care patient ratio

    im wondering the patient to nurse ratio is in aged care.. id love to work in acute care, but ill totally do sub acute or aged care if its available.. does anybody have any experience with this? im really just looking to be able to move out of the US for a while and still earn income..
  14. nurseyNJNYC

    need an OZ update! us rn seeking to flee country..

    aside from acute care.. would it be much easier to find work in aged care? or sub acute? im really just looking to be able to earn income and live out of the US for a little while...
  15. - recently someone turned me onto the idea of moving to OZ to work as a nurse. i'm trying to move out of the country to live somewhere else for a little while (i also recently got my TESOL so i can teach english in other countries). so ive been reading up on things on these forums to see what is going on over yonder.. and it seems that the posts' themes changed rapidly (within a year) from offering info about the plentitude of jobs, to the market for overseas nurses being shut down (the very recent posts).. did something happen that rapidly? or is information just conflicting.. i'd like to know the chances of me being able to get a job (hospitals? agencies?) if i decide to go ahead and register... me: US Associates RN, 5 years experience in sub acute rehab and long term care
  16. nurseyNJNYC

    Sorry I got the RN

    as for practical advice.. if you want a job, youll have to move to a more remote area that has a much less competitive job market. america is toilet bowl status. stinky toilet bowl.

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