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    White Glove Placement? Agencies?

    - does anybody have any info on this agency or experience with them? - can anyone recommend a reputable agency to work for?
  2. - i gave up on nyc.. and the one place that finally hired me was a nursing home that had me running out the door.. literally and figuratively.. - i am bored to death of sub acute/ltc.. i need a more challenging job.. any alternative suggestions?
  3. nurseyNJNYC

    any bayada nurses making over $30/hr??

    i applied once in central jersey and they offered less than 30.. id hate to go through the whole process again to find out that nyc pay is also lower than 30... i heard they may offer between 31-34.. but anyone have firsthand experience?
  4. nurseyNJNYC

    WEhy no response from my fellow nurses?

    most of the people here are nurses that dont have jobs or are having a very hard time getting jobs.. if u had your dream job working in a hospital making $xxx,xxx a year with 4 days off a week.. u have no reason to troll these boards because theres nothing to ask for and nothing to cry about...!!
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    Considering BSN as 2nd Career - Help!

    i mean.. if nursing is what you really really want to do with your life.. go ahead.. be ready for hard work, high stress.. and just dont have high expectations.. something may work out for you..
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    Nursing Shortage or Not?

    shortage? well.. nurses are always needed.. the need for care is there.. everyone gets sick and/or old.. the availability of actual hiring, paying jobs are scarce.. hospitals are laying off left and right.. yes there is a need, but there is no money to pay.. and to add on top of that.. everyone and their mother (in some cases, literally) rushed to nursing school because "they will always need nurses" "nurses get paid alot" "you will always have a job".. there are a ton of new grads being spewed out into the job market every few months, competing with those that have been laid off...
  7. nurseyNJNYC

    Considering BSN as 2nd Career - Help!

    i live down the street from edgewater.. jobs are almost impossible in the area (im also licensed in ny).. ONE hospital in manhattan called me, took interest in my 4+ experience, but needed for me to be in a bsn program. ive applied to over 100 places. of all sorts of facilities. after the 4th adn 5th round of applying, i was more and more open to EVERYTHING. not too long ago, i went on foot applying, and every door that closed on me brought me back to my car crying. wiped the tears off and drove to the next place only to repeat the process.. several times.. i was initially motivated to get my bsn, but that quickly died. maybe ive just hit a temporary slump.. but just dont EXPECT an awesome career/lap to fall into your lap after all those HARD PAINFUL years invested into nursing school (i did lpn and asn - its never easy).. the market is poop right now. you may get a job, but it may not be what you want. the bsn may give you more leverage.. but u are also competing with those with experience.. these boards have been really helpful in getting in tune with other peoples' experiences.. honestly.. im shooting for moving out of the country to teach english abroad while im still single and still have some of my youth left.. being stressed out all the time is no way to live..
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    Ok, so I have my requisite "one year exp" as a nurse.

    over 4 years of ltc sub acute experience and no hospital will even let me set foot in the door.. i stopped ripping myself up on the inside and gave up. for the meantime anyway..
  9. nurseyNJNYC

    should i even bother getting my BSN?

    after my post Associates RN dreams have been slaughtered to death by the inability to get a hospital to even LOOK at me.. and reading all these discouraging posts on these boards.. is it even worth it anymore to get my BSN? id hate to be in this same situation again where im crying my eyes out week after week after month because i am not progressing with my nursing career (same sub acute ltc for over 4 years).. the loan collectors are calling daily and my salary has not magically increased yet! any recent success stories?
  10. nurseyNJNYC

    ED Nursing Book recommendations?

    - this board is extremely helpful, but can anyone recommend any nursing books that i can scoop up to jump start my ED knowledge? i feel like this dept of nursing may be a good fit for me, so im sending in my applications...
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    Pay Cut to enter into Nursing

    just read all the miserable stories of disappointment, anger, frustration, resentment, and desperation all over these boards.. economic times are tough these days.. you might want to hold onto your better paying job... i wish i was making what i was making before i decided to get a "real job" with nursing... i typed up my experience, but then it got erased by accident.. i typed a whole mini paragraoh about all the crying ive done lately because no hospital or medical facility will hire me...
  12. nurseyNJNYC

    Is NJ not new grad friendly?

    totally blows.. i have 4 years of experience in subacute/ltc (as an lpn and rn).. the hospitals want nothing to do with me.. and sallie mae is calling me everyday... i even applied to hospitals an hour away from where i live... no dice..
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    has anyone ever been successful on any job postings?
  14. nurseyNJNYC

    White Glove Placement? Agencies?

    i have 4+ years in sub acute/ltc.. your post didnt offer any information lol..
  15. nurseyNJNYC

    any interview FAIL stories?

    any mistakes to learn from? my biggest ones were being unprepared when they advertised for a "staff nurse" position, while they were interviewing for a supervisory position..
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    5 months and nothing..

    - ive been hitting walls. quite discouraging. cannot find a job in the north jersey/nyc area. ive been driving an hour each way to my old job that underpays me. -$20 day on gas and tolls. in the end i make the same amount of money as i did as an lpn. thinking about going back to bartending. MUCH less stress.. i thought i was going to get my BSN, but hardly find any motivation to do so. more school?? for only a CHANCE of HOPING to get a well paying job in a hospital? dont know if its worth the stress and investment.. looking at my resume makes me sick. and searching for jobs every day makes me angry. - debbie downer
  17. nurseyNJNYC

    5 months and nothing..

    how did u find prison jobs? through job postings? or did u look up the prisons and apply directly?
  18. nurseyNJNYC

    what is it like working in assisted living?

    fyi... RNs can only supervise, and its salaried.. which means being on call 24/7, on top of the hours worked at the facility.. the staff working under you may be unlicensed/uncertified, so they work under YOUR license. not a good deal imo.
  19. - ive worked very busy ltc/subacute for years. im a bit under the impression that assisted living is alot more relaxed since the patients are alot more independent.. whats it like out there? i have an interview tomorrow.. - and what is the pay like, in comparison to ltc/subacute?
  20. nurseyNJNYC

    switch careers later?

    - its all tricky these days.. i gave up on my art related career because the competition was too tough.. because a nurse because academics was always cake for me and the job market was great.. the job market took a sharp turn for the worst very quickly.. did my lpn to rn only to find out that i cant advance in my career because of the lack of job availability.. considered going back to my art career, but the job market is even more fierce than it was when i left it.. - do what you love.. there are opportunities out there.. you may not initially get your first choice.. but there are jobs.. my rent is paid and i have food on my table.. any nursing experience you get can be applied to what you really want to do.. i wish i had a degree in community health! lol.. that will open up more doors for you.. research your target jobs and find out what "pieces of paper" are required... having a nursing license is highly valuable whichever route u choose... just my opinion..
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    UCC - which classes determine entrance to nursing?

    i tried UCC a few years ago and got an "acceptance" letter from UCC into their nursing program.. tried to enroll into a nursing course only to find out that there were people camped out in front of registration to enroll into classes.. i didnt get into my class because there were alot of people more "qualified" to enrolling into the classes.. i ended up getting into an LPN program shortly after, that accepted me after passing the entrance exam.. much cleaner way of getting in.. eventually got my RN through an LPN to RN program at RVCC.. but that was just my experience..
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    ALF salary in NJ Wellness Director

    - i was under the assumption that i was coming in for a staff nurse position, only to be interviewed for a wellness director position. what should i expect? ive browsed through older posts, but im sure things have changed over the years, especially in patient acuity. what should i expect salary wise?
  23. nurseyNJNYC

    What do new RN-BSN grads make in NJ?

    $25 - $35/hr depending on the facility and location.