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  1. t3mama

    SLC prelicensure Jan '19 cohort

    I am planning on applying to the SLC program soon!! I have two classes I need to finish and take the TEAS. How was the application process for you? If you don't mind sharing, what were your stats at application (teas score, etc)? I've worked as a CNA and a tech for a few years and at all the major hospitals (IHC, The U, and now am at HCA and LOVE it, but no one seems to know much about the prelicensure program here!
  2. t3mama

    HIPPA violation if the patient isn't in your facility?

    Your husband told your ex-friend who is a nurse that you were pregnant, but your earlier post said she outed you to your husband as if he didn't know already? It seems pretty confusing, and you do seem petty. She is just a bad friend, not an unprofessional, HIPAA violating nurse. You care way too much about what all of your friends on facebook think about you being pregnant. As long as you and your husband are happy then you should focus of staying healthy and enjoying your pregnancy. Forget the bad friend, and move on. I 100% feel where your anger is coming from, my husband and I keep our pregnancies to ourselves until usually 20 weeks just for personal reasons, and we don't announce we are expecting on social media either, and I would be pissed if someone blurted it out. However, my husband knows this and doesn't run his mouth either. In this situation it seems more like your husbands fault for telling your big mouth friend in the first place.
  3. t3mama

    Good nursing schools?

    Western Governors University! Many people on AN have gone there and quite a few have been able to finish in one term so less than $5000. It is a well respected school here in Utah, so I'd assume the same over there in ID.
  4. t3mama

    Online RN progam

    What part of Texas are you in? Have you looked into WGU?
  5. I'm wondering if anyone in the pre-licensure program at WGU, or has recently completed it, cares to share their thoughts on the program? I've been working on finishing all the pre-requisites to apply early next year. I live in UT, and the pass rate for the program is one of the best in the state, and they have multiple cohorts begin each year. I'm most curious to know if you feel like you are missing out being in the pre-licensure program as it is mostly online coursework. I've taken pretty much every college course I have under my belt online because it's what works best for me. I feel like I would love the in-classroom experience more than more online course work, but I like almost everything about the WGU program. I'm also starting a new job at a hospital that offers a discount to WGU which is an added bonus :) Do you regret doing the pre-licensure program over a program from your local cc or university? What are your thoughts on the way the courses are set up in the program? Thanks!! :)
  6. ^^^I'd love a source too. I actually live where the accident happened and work at the hospital the patient was taken to. I drive through where the accident happened almost everyday if I leave the valley I live in. The chase started at a gas station in the town of Wellsville and it ended less than half a mile from where it began when the person the police were pursuing crashed into the truck driver (victim in this story). The road is actually burnt and rough from the explosion so even though it's been a few months you can still see where the accident happened. The chase lasted less than two minutes and I haven't read anything about the cop being told to break the chase, and don't see how he could have when it was so short lived.
  7. This whole story is absolutely baffling to me. I work at this hospital but actually work in the city where the accident the victim was involved in occurred (which is an hour away), and had to drive around the accident on my way to work. There is video of this accident on the news websites here too, but unless you are in Utah you wouldn't have heard of it. This patient on the burn unit that this nurse was taking care of was definitely an innocent victim, so I have no clue why this insane detective acted the way he did. Many, many coworkers are just outraged over this incident and admire this nurses dedication to her patient. -news story of the crash: Dash cam video shows crash, explosion that killed fleeing driver in Cache County | Gephardt Daily
  8. t3mama

    Stubborn CNA in ICU

    How full is your 18-bed unit normally? I think what would be best for your patients is not sharing one CNA with 17 other patients, that seems crazy to me! At my facility, a CNA on an ICU get 2-3 patients max.
  9. t3mama

    Lowest-cost online science pre-reqs?

    I know this isn't the newest post, but was hoping you might be able to tell me how your micro class at Clovis went? I'm registered for the summer course with Hughes and it's only 8 weeks. I've been trying to read through the text before class begins because it's such a short course but I'm nervous :)
  10. t3mama

    WGU / Straighterline advice?

    My co-worker is currently in the WGU program and she took a few straighterline courses (not sure which ones, but I know statistics was not one of them), I asked her about the statistics course and she said I should take it through WGU. That's what I'm going to do, mostly because the cost is the same no matter what for the pre-t @ WGU, but I am transferring pharmacology from SL to WGU from the things I've heard. You will probably be okay with whatever you choose, but wanted to add my two cents with advice from someone who just took the statistics course at WGU this past term.
  11. t3mama

    Anyone taking BIO 205 from rio salado this summer?

    Do you live in AZ or are you taking it through Rio Salado because it was easy to enroll or something similar? I'm not taking micro with them but I am taking microbiology through Clovis Community College because it is so much cheaper and transferrable. I looked into Rio but it was so expensive for me not being a resident so I'm just curious. Either way, good luck to you in the course!
  12. t3mama

    Young mom of 3 considering CNA

    I am also a mother of three babies under three and a CNA! I don't live in GA though, but my state has a similar cost of living as far as I know. My CNA training wasn't very long or expensive, and I was able to find two desirable jobs right after I finished. At one facility it was a small geri-psych unit, part-time graves at 13.5/hr, and the benefits were not good. The other job I was offered, and ultimately accepted, was at a local hospital, full-time nights with excellent benefits at $12 something an hour. I took this job because the benefits are incredible and the hospital was an amazing opportunity. I later found out I get a shift differential as well so I'm glad I took it because I probably make more than $13.5 with the difference. I would think that if you decide to go the CNA route, that your CNA instructors will know what the normal wage for local positions are, as well as job opportunities as well. If you are also going into nursing I would totally recommend getting your CNA and working at least part-time for the experience. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
  13. I think it is great that you are so ambitious, and I don't think you are rushing anything. I'm 25 and starting nursing school this year and feel older, even though I know I'm not, but I wasn't sure if nursing was 100% for me in high school. Knowing what I know now, I wish I would have done what you are planning to do. My husband finished almost an entire year of college while in high school. It also wasn't too difficult either because high school isn't too demanding for many people. In the county I went to high school (Las Vegas), seniors only had half days, or juniors took a few classes during their junior year to graduate early, so it was definitely doable to take a few college classes/AP classes. Where my husband went to school, the classes were actually university classes which worked out for him. You can also take CNA courses at 16 where I live now where many programs require CNA before applying. There are also LPN programs available for high school students where I live, so that once you graduate you can just bridge to an ADN program. Definitely look into the programs in your area, I would bet they have similar programs to fit your needs. I say I wish I would have done what you are wanting to do because my brain is not as fresh as it is now as it was when I was in high school. Good luck with your goals!!
  14. t3mama

    Prerequestisites -biology and Biochemistry

    I was going to say NMJC too, or Clovis Community College. Tuition at both of these colleges is incredibly affordable and I wish I would have known about these options years ago!
  15. t3mama

    cna worth it?

    The CNA requirement for most nursing schools is designed to "weed out" applicants. Many times, people become a CNA because they want to become a nurse, but once they get to the clinical portion of the CNA course they realize it isn't for them. I think being a CNA gives you great experience towards being an LPN/RN because you are somewhat familiar. The pay will also vary. I don't live in TN, but I live in Utah which is a low cost of living state so the wages are usually lower, especially lower in hospitals. However, my current and first job right as a CNA is making 13.50/hr, but it's an 6p-630a shift, in a lockdown geri-psych unit. So it really depends.Personally, I would do the CNA route for the experience, but you could likely find a higher paying job elsewhere. Good luck!
  16. t3mama

    WGU A&P I & II Question

    Hey EsJ87! Did you end up getting accepted into WGU's program? I'm looking into it as well, but in a different state. I've heard California is the most competitive though. How was AP1 through straighterline? I have the textbook for it, along with a few other supplemental A&P books because getting an A in the class is very intimidating to me. Was the final for the course similar to the material covered in the quizzes? I can't seem to find any information about any recent SL finals. Did you also take micro through SL?

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