Should I do CNA first?


Hi guys, so I did a lot of thinking based on your answers from my last post (which by the way I greatly appreciated) :). And I will apply to a RN program (associate degree) and I will also apply to a LPN program, just in case I don't get accepted into the RN program. And I'm going to try my hardest to get my gpa up. Now I was reading up on something and I noticed that a lot of people are saying that it is smart to become a CNA before anything so that you can see what the nursing world is like. And it does not sound like a bad idea. My only thing is, can I become a CNA while I'm in high school? Like on a summer vacation? So that I won't have to waste time on it when I graduate and just focus on getting into a RN or LPN program? Thankxx

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yes, you can. Look into courses at your local CC.

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Check the local Red Cross. They usually offer a 5 or 6 week course both in the afternoons and in the evenings and they generally run them throughout the year. They tend to cost a bit more than a community college but are easier to get into because they run them so often. You may also be able to get reimbursed for the class by your state once you start working in a nursing home or hospital. You can ask at the Red Cross when you ask about the program.

~Some high schools offer a program too.


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Thanks guys :)


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Yes you can! I'm a first semester nursing student in a two year program. I have 6 years exp, and I have found it so helpful having the exp!!:)

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Check with your high school's adult education division. That is where I got my CNA training the first time. You might not have to pay anything, whereas, a CNA course at a proprietary school can cost well over a thousand dollars. Another place that would cost less is through a Regional Occupational Center.


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Yes you can do it while in high school, but I know some agencies can only make you work as a CNA if you're 18 and older, but there's a lot of people I know that did it when they were in high school.