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wooh, BSN, RN

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No you should not.

roser13, ASN, RN

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This is not the place to ask this question. A few of these nurses are over-worked, stressed, cynical and fearful of newbies stealing their job. Nursing is good. It is good money, there actually are jobs... everywhere. People just don't look hard enough. Yeah there are a ton of new nurses pumped out every year, but not all of them are employable. Some are stupid, some are criminals, some will decide its not worth it, established RNs retire, established RNs change career options... Morally, no I DON'T question myself when I go home at night. Maybe its my job, maybe its my attitude... Nursing to me is the most ethical career I could have chose.

Now needles... Eh. I thought the same thing. You get used to it. Blood, you get used to it. It is EASY to make mistakes. We all do, they are lying if they tell you they don't. Yeah, you can make a mistake to end a life, but mistakes you make, as a good nurse you will catch it before it is life threatening. I would never dissuade a person from nursing out of fear of them taking my job and you will see a LOT of nurses doing that to youngsters with the nursing dream. I see it all the time. Nursing to me is a dream job. Good and bad, I love it and I hope that you will too.

OP, I hope you notice that this odd post is strangely out of place amongst the other answers. That's ok - it takes all kinds, but just so you know......Nursing jobs ARE hard to find. Terribly hard to find in a whole lot of areas of this country. Just read all of the other threads from new grads that have sent hundreds and hundreds of resumes out but have had no luck. This is not said to discourage you, just to help you have an accurate understanding of the current nursing employment picture.

And you know what? I bet there's not a single working nurse on this forum that is worried that an 18-year-old high school senior is going to steal his/her job. I feel sorry for this poster, that he/she has encountered that issue, but it is definitely not the usual state of affairs.

Ruas61, BSN, RN

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You can make a difference in the world without being a nurse.

There are occupational, speech and physical therapy avenues.

Maybe a child life specialist in a hospital?

Good luck on your journey!

nurseprnRN, BSN, RN

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Your high school or college will have volunteer opportunities for you. See if you can get into a volunteer program in a hospital. Don't be under any illusions that you'll see a lot of what nursing is about in a few hours a week as a candy-striper or pink lady, but the longer and the more you do it, the more you'll see of what a hospital works like.

Your opportunity to find out more about nursing is at lunch: See if you can sit down with some nurses (ask to be sure they ARE registered nurses, not aides or housekeeping ladies in the same scrubs). Tell them you're thinking about nursing, and see what they say.

You have two main questions to ask:

1) Why do you do what you do?

2) Why didn't you do something else?

These are not the same question at all. You need to hear the answers to both so you get a chance to hear something that resonates with you. Good luck!


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Great advice from all. And would agree that volunteering at your local hospital is the best place to start. Very interesting to see how an outsider views our profession!

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Hi hun....welcome to AN! I appreciate your wanting to make a difference, that is commendable.

However; it concerns me that your CONS are exactly apart of nursing duties. You will look at wounds and care for injuries (that is what nurses are about). You definitely have to have a heart for this field of work and working with needles is again, apart of the job. If thinking about it makes you faint, then I would definitely reconsider. The members all had excellent points! Good luck to you!

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