Should I become a nurse ?


I am just graduated from HS ,and I will go to college after this summer. However, I am confused that, should I study to become a nurse or another career ? That is because people who live around me say, it is hard to find a job for male nurse later, and male cannot become a nurse because it's more feminine. I know that it's kind of a funny question! But I really need your help and the comments!

Thank you so much


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So where do you live that the people around you think like that? The Stoneage?

They are full of it. Jobs in nursing are no more hard to find for men than for women. I'm not even going to address the whole "nursing is a feminine job" thing since that's just more BS. (Try telling the men that are nurses in the military how "feminine" their job is....)

Do what you want to do.

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They're full of crap and very discriminatory.

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Yeah, when I finished high school many years ago I had a buddy that was going to go into a nursing program and follow his momma's foot steps. I made fun of him. It was good natured though. Me? I set out to become a U.S. Marshal, but gave that up since I'm color blind. I got a science degree, did some other police work and EMS too, but now I'm in nursing school. Guess he could laugh at me now. Just because you've got some mambas between your legs doesn't mean you can't go into nursing. You'll probably just go about it with a somewhat different perspective than the girls. If you think you want to do it then do it. If there's something else that seems better then do that. I'd personally rather be that U.S. Marshal, but I can't so I hack away making the best of things.

Tell them there is a wide receiver on the Detroit Lions who is also a nurse.

Also, no, I'm a man and I think it's an excellent career. It's just like any career where you get along with some, and not with others, but you carry on.

My thought is that nursing needs more of a balance between men and women anyway. However it's quite equal in many places.



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I just started working with a guy who spent 5 years as a sniper in the Marine corps. And he wears that RN badge just like I do. I want someone to tell him he isn't a 'man'.

I've always had a comeback ready for people who are quick to judge the occupation for myself, but honestly, i never really need it.

Besides, what about your cubicle job and looking at accounting/anything business related is more manly than my chest compressions, running codes, having back to back level 1 traumas in 2 hours, hanging meds, starting 14 g IVs, etc. Let me think about that..oh right, nothing.

Nursing is what you make of it. Dont let anyone else's ignorance affect your decisions.


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I say go for it, if you are in because you want to help people. If you are in it for a paycheck, then it might not be for you. But, good luck no matter what you decide.


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Nursing is not easy, after 1 to 2 years to pre-requiste, wait another 1-2 years to get in and it takes a minimum of 2 years in most community colleges for the RN degree. so that's 4-6 years for an Associate degree. It's not like a traditional job where you go to college for 2-4 years get an associate/bachelor and find a job. Nursing school takes commitment and dedication. Passing is about 78%+, one has to perform in academics (classroom) and/clinical(in the hospital). I am not writing this to dissuade you, but to warn you it s not for everyone.

While there are a number of reasons to shy away from a nursing career, your sex should not be one of them. There were not a lot of guys in my class in nursing school but most of us were military vets, some with combat experience. Quite a few of the other guys were Paramedics/fire fighters. Masculinity is a non-issue.

I think it would be worthwhile for you do something health care related to make sure you like dealing with patients before committing yourself to nursing school. Many volunteer fire companies also have ambulances and will train you to be an EMT. IMO, this is a great way to find out if nursing is for you.

Frankly, I'd worry a lot more about the poor job market for RN's - both male and female - than almost anything else. As the previous poster points out, getting through nursing school is not a cake walk. The time commitment is huge and the expense is also considerable. These days though, even that pales in comparison to actually finding a job after you've put in all the hard work, though that too varies considerably from region to region.

Good luck with your decision.


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People who say nursing is "feminine" probably have never worked as a nurse. You can't let the idiocy of others discourage you.

The current job market is a total b****; it's extremely hard to get into [a good] nursing school AND succeed with flying colors; and there's no guarantee that the job market will be improved if/when you have license in hand. These are the factors stacked primarily against you.

I would largely discourage the LPN route. Those jobs are even more scarce than RN, especially depending on the state. It also puts you at risk for getting 'stuck', say if you get burned out of doing school and just can't make that last leg of your RN school journey.

RN or bust; this is from a purely pragmatic perspective.

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I am in nursing school,go for it. Tons of opportunities.


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Being a nurse is all I ever wanted to be. My first job was as a CNA, then military, then management, then administrative, then computer stuff, then school and finally my RN. If you really want to be one, you'll know it in your heart.