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Should I become a Nurse?

Bora Bora (New) New

I have been considering becoming a Nurse for awhile and I wanted to get some advice from people who are nurses, or who are on their way to becoming nurses.

I just graduated college with a degree in Psychology. I have been working a job as a counselor in a locked secure group home for 4 and 1/2 years. I've seen a lot in my time here, and though I love working with the teenagers, I often get hurt because of situations I am put in because of my job. I have recently gotten a second job as a receptionist for a retirement community, and while I like parts of that job, I miss working with people on a deeper level. My boyfriend has a job that is in various countries- but for now he is in the US.

I'd like to find a job that complements him, that I could take anywhere and that I could help people on a deeper level. I like having a meaningful job that I put a lot of my energy into. I am a very dedicated and hard worker.

I have been considering Nursing for all these reasons, and I am moving to a bigger city that I am able to take an accelerated BSN. However, my GPA is bad (2.4) and a GPA of 3.0 is needed for most programs. I only realized too late how significant GPA was in furthering my studies (I hadn't really been applying myself, whereas now I wished I knew what I had back then). I have been looking into accelerated BSN programs and BS to BSN degrees. I would be living with my BF and taking out loans to support myself during this time because I have been told that having a job would be out of the question.

I am wondering if I have what it takes to become a nurse. In my job right now we often get hurt, its like being a couple of notches down from a juvenile prison guard. I often work anywhere from 12- 20 hour shifts without sleep (I also did this when I was going to school for my last two years). As of right now I work the 3rd shift. I am fairly intelligent, and when I apply myself I know I can get anything done. I have experience in handling crisis from my job. I also particularly have interests in anatomy and physiology.

I am also wondering if I have what it takes to be a nurse, what kind of programs I should look into (as far as becoming a nurse).

Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated!

red2003xlt specializes in Addiction / Pain Management.

You might want to retake some of those classes to up your G.P.A. and then reevaluate your career options.

A CNA class is available via the America Red Cross for $500(I think). You'd have better idea if you want to pursue an RN at a later date.

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General E. Speaking, RN specializes in floor to ICU.

I think you have what it takes. Sounds like you are motivated and have accomplished things in the past. Nursing is versatile. I say go for it!

Good luck

cb_rn specializes in CT stepdown, hospice, psych, ortho.

Quick question --why is having a job out of the question? Many of us worked our way through nursing school, if only part time. I worked 3rd shift and went to school from 8-4 every day. It was rough and I drank a lot of caffeine but I made it. If you felt like you couldn't swing it, by all means don't attempt to work while in school but if you run the risk of running up a great deal of loans and then struggling to find a job early in your career.

Sounds like its something you want to pursue and I wish you the best of luck. Just understand that right now new grads are having a hard time of it and you may well have to fall back on your previous degree until things pick back up.

I would be living with my BF and taking out loans to support myself during this time because I have been told that having a job would be out of the question.

That's what they tell people. But MANY people work part time or even full time while in nursing school. It just depends on what that person can handle or what other obligations they have.

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Do you have a community college or technical school in your area? Why not look into those? You might need to start with an associate degree RN and you could move up in no time with all the various online RN BSN programs. Or, you could become an LPN and bridge to RN, which is what I'm doing. My first major was Political Science and I wasn't very strong academically due to partying. However, I have many relatives whom are nurses and I thought it would be a good fit for me too. And it has worked out. Also, community colleges and state-funded technical schools cost way less than a university. Stay away from those for-profit "Become an LPN and make major money today" type of schools. Good luck.:)

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If you love helping people nursing seems right for you. I recently graduated and my friend who has a similar work background as you also graduated this year, ended working in the psyc floor because he loves psyc. He also has a dream of being a psyc nurse practioner in the near future. I'd say do some classes to better your GPA, when I got in the program I had a GPA of 3.5. Since you work alot, go into the associates program-the BSN is too overwelming. However, once you get into the nursing program it isn't a joke. You may have to cut some work hours to compensate with your school life. Best wishes!

I would not rely on nursing only. I have another degree and that one is going to open more doors for me. I have been a nurse for a little while, and working the floor is nuts, hard, and tiring. There are nurses getting ready to leave my unit due to worn out backs and injured shoulders from years of work. I am doing my time as a newbie, and then I hope to go into admin. I personally WOULD NOT do nursing forever. There is a small portion of it that is rewarding, but there are many negatives (very long hours, running around, rude patients and demanding families, aids who don't want to help you, etc.) I am a happy and optimistic person (always have been), so don't think I am a grump. I am just being VERY honest with you. Good luck!


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