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    Should I become a Nurse?

    I have been considering becoming a Nurse for awhile and I wanted to get some advice from people who are nurses, or who are on their way to becoming nurses. I just graduated college with a degree in Psychology. I have been working a job as a counselor in a locked secure group home for 4 and 1/2 years. I've seen a lot in my time here, and though I love working with the teenagers, I often get hurt because of situations I am put in because of my job. I have recently gotten a second job as a receptionist for a retirement community, and while I like parts of that job, I miss working with people on a deeper level. My boyfriend has a job that is in various countries- but for now he is in the US. I'd like to find a job that complements him, that I could take anywhere and that I could help people on a deeper level. I like having a meaningful job that I put a lot of my energy into. I am a very dedicated and hard worker. I have been considering Nursing for all these reasons, and I am moving to a bigger city that I am able to take an accelerated BSN. However, my GPA is bad (2.4) and a GPA of 3.0 is needed for most programs. I only realized too late how significant GPA was in furthering my studies (I hadn't really been applying myself, whereas now I wished I knew what I had back then). I have been looking into accelerated BSN programs and BS to BSN degrees. I would be living with my BF and taking out loans to support myself during this time because I have been told that having a job would be out of the question. I am wondering if I have what it takes to become a nurse. In my job right now we often get hurt, its like being a couple of notches down from a juvenile prison guard. I often work anywhere from 12- 20 hour shifts without sleep (I also did this when I was going to school for my last two years). As of right now I work the 3rd shift. I am fairly intelligent, and when I apply myself I know I can get anything done. I have experience in handling crisis from my job. I also particularly have interests in anatomy and physiology. I am also wondering if I have what it takes to be a nurse, what kind of programs I should look into (as far as becoming a nurse). Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated!