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Curious to know what others do with their MSN degree! I think that many focus on the APRN roles, however I know there are many other opportunities and roles for nurses with their MSN besides APRN. So, I'd love to know what you do with your MSN.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great topic, MurseJJ! I think you and I are of similar minds (remembering some past topics). I look forward to the responses as well!

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I am the manager of a hospital unit in an acute care community hospital. I am responsible for the daily and long-range operations of the unit, and lead around 60 staff (RNs, CNAs, and unit secretaries).

My MSN is in Nursing Leadership.


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Bump! Hoping for more thoughts. Guessing this got lost with the "BSN is a joke" thread :wacky:

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I am looking at skipping my BSN and going straight for MSN. I previously had wanted an N/P role, but it seems that just about every nurse I encounter is thinking the same thing. I'm now leaning more towards MSN in management/nursing leadership. I feel like I am more suited for this role, plus all of these N/P's are going to need a Nurse to help them run their clinics :whistling:

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I have an MSN in nursing education. I am currently one of several staff educators for all perioperative employees in my hospital system- we cover around 900 staff between perianesthesia and intraoperative staff as well as our procedural areas like endoscopy.