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  1. Advice On Becoming an Excellent Neuro Nurse

    I would definitely recommend joining the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses. They have an annual conference (next one is in March 2019 in Denver, CO), and they also have an annual stroke conference (coming up in August in Louisville, KY). ...
  2. CNS or NP

    Even if you do CNS you could always apply for positions that are related to the CNS competencies but may not specifically be titled CNS (i.e. quality and safety specialist, professional development, even management). Especially if you aren't interes...
  3. Advise on transitioning to management

    Typically an assistant nurse manager position is something you could look into first. Perhaps look into that.
  4. I work at NYP/Columbia. Yes, we do work 13 shifts (all 12 hour shifts), however I will say that the salary is about $20K more than Stony Brook (I was hired at Stony just before I got hired at NYP a little over a year and a half ago, as a new grad).
  5. I HATE contingency orders

  6. Beyond Bedside? Advanced Practice? Really?

    It's interesting, I work with a nurse that has around 8 years experience, all on our unit, has two masters, two certifications, presents at conferences, chairs a hospital committee, clinical ladder, and is a permanent charge and preceptor, and she ha...
  7. Entry level MSN masters CNL CNS

    May be helpful to get a letter of recommendation from a nurse.
  8. You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    Saw this article on Twitter, thought I'd share here: Independent Practice: Both Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Should Be Outraged.
  9. NP jobs that work 3days

    Agreed. Our inpatient neurology NPs do 3 12s.
  10. Omg I'm so broke!!!

    That sounds hard. You could basically double your salary as a new grad, let alone as an experienced RN, at various hospitals in the city (Mt Sinai, NYU, NYP, etc), even LI (St. Francis, Northwell).
  11. I prefer "advanced practice provider" or "APP". There are many in-person NP programs around the country. Here in NYC we have Columbia, NYU, Pace, LIU Brooklyn, and CUNY Hunter, in addition to a number of others in the metro area. Good luck!
  12. SCRN Experience

    Recently I passed the ABNN Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) exam. When I was preparing, I searched for info on the exam, how others prepared, etc., but didn't find too much out there. So I'll briefly share my experience in the hope that oth...
  13. NVRN vs CNRN

    Hey just letting you know, I took the SCRN earlier today and I passed! I'll post a separate thread on what I used and what I thought (when I searched there wasn't too much info on it so hopefully I can help others) on the weekend after I recover hah...
  14. Agreed. I also work on a neurosurg stepdown, and we get neurology patients as well. A psych background will definitely not go to waste in neuro, even in the neuro ICU (I actually have a coworker on my unit that was a psych RN for years then came to...
  15. Seeking Advice: Direct Entry Blues

    I agree. While the roles of bedside RN and NP are different (just like the roles of bedside RN and physician are different), there is also some overlap, and I agree that there is a connectedness between the two roles. For example, as a clinical RN,...