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3.89 GPA

86% TEAS

Healthcare volunteer experience

No interview email yet :/


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3.92 GPA

92% Teas

Health and multicultural experience

No email yet /:


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Got the interview email today! My stats are from the first post. Very surprised I made the cut!


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So i'm gonna assume that if we didn't get an email we didn't make the cut *cries*


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congratulations! I cant seem to find your stats.. can you post them again? Thank you!


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I just called the office, and they said that they're going to continue making calls this week and next week.


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never mind!


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Never mind that they're going to continue the calls or that we didn't make the cut?


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I meant never mind for the stats.. They're going to continue sending emails for interviews.


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I'm still waiting and hoping for an interview. My stats are overall GPA 3.65, prereq GPA 4.0, 3 years work experience in a clinical setting, 94.0 TEAS. I don't speak another language or have any military affiliation. I have tried calling their office and it's voicemail each time but I hope what the other poster said is true and that they are continuing to set up interviews! I did think my stats were good enough to qualify me at least to that point, we'll see! Congrats to those interviewing and good luck to everyone!


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Just got my interview invite at 8:30 tonight for next Friday! I posted my stats earlier in the discussion on like the first page if anyone's curious. Hope to you meet you all soon!


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Hi MARod,

Last year's fall class, 100% of those admitted had volunteer experience and 94% had multicultural experience. I can't tell from your post if you had either, but judging based on the stats it looks like volunteer/multicultural experience is mandatory.

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