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Settling in...

Hello, all. I've just completed week 4 of my new school nurse job. I'm happy to report that all staff have been welcoming, friendly, and very supportive. I'm working my way through the mess that was left for me, getting to know the kiddos, and finally beginning to feel more comfortable and less stressed. I really love this job and feel blessed to be a part of such an awesome school. Enjoy your time off!


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Welcome! The best part of working four weeks...you now have a 2 week vacation. Enjoy!

good for you! Enjoy your break and you'll be ready to tackle all the mess in the new year!

Welcome! I start my break in 7 hours-- can't wait!

I did enjoy the break. Thank you!


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Hooray! I'm glad things are going well in your school!!

I know it can be daunting at first . My position had 4 other nurses come and go in 3 years prior to me starting, so the office was a hot mess. But as long as you are handling the kids, you can clean and make the office your own towards the end of the year (it's crazy how everyone is health for class room parties ;) )


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