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I am taking my NCLEX tomorrow morning at 10:00 (Texas) Soo is there any last minute things I should be looking over? Or if anyone could say a prayer or two.. maybe even three for me... That would be amazing! This is my third time to take nclex.. 1st time 75 questions.... 2nd time265 questions.. I am praying what they say is true 3rd time is the charm... (or something like that) I am starting to get anxious and freaking out.. Wondering if I have studying all the major points that I need to.. (Sigh) so overwhelmed..


hi just i wanna also ask some pointers from you if it's okay. which part of texas do you live? i hope to here from you. tnx!=)

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Congrats to all who have passed their NCLEX-RN exam. Hey guys I m new on this site. I graduated in june of the last year 2010. I really need a study buddy to get inspiration. Is there anybody living in Sunnyvale, CA. v can meet in the library orrr......via emailing.......

Thank you in advance who ever replies me..Any type of help will be appreciated.

God bless you Nurses.

hi, you can reach me at I also need a study buddy, I graduated this year at Manila :)



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hey Pinkie0212 what kind of kaplan book did you use for nclex rn?