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  1. kim_093089

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    one1morestep I passed like a few months ago I'm working now :) what state are you taking the exam?
  2. kim_093089

    My review log for NCLEX-RN exam.

    Hi one1morestep how was the exam? did you get the results? :)
  3. kim_093089

    Positioning patient on the table

    thanks a lot susan and roxy :) what state do you guys work?
  4. Hi I would like to ask whose job would it be to position a patient during lumbar or cervical epidural injections, would it be the xray tech because he needs to shoot the picture or the nurse? thanks a lot! help is much appreciated! :) and if you have a link to your answer kindly paste it please thanks in advance :)
  5. kim_093089

    jobs in new york city

    Hi there guys are there any new grads who are looking for jobs in new york city? do they count your clinical experience in school? does ltc really help in getting a job? it's very frustrating
  6. kim_093089

    Jobs in new York

    Hi guys is there any job available here in NYC for newly licensed nurses?
  7. kim_093089


    I'll be taking mine in rego park I've used saunders 5th ed. for my content then exam cram, la charity and some other files for my Q&A :) what about you?
  8. kim_093089


    Sapphirestarr Godbless and Goodluck where in NY are you taking the exam? :) keep me posted, :)
  9. kim_093089


    Hi futurern34 when do you plan to take the NCLEX-RN?
  10. kim_093089


    Hi guys :) just wondering, anybody taking the NCLEX-RN here in New York? I'll be taking mine on the 29th, this will be my third time the pressure is building up hope we test takers can make it Goodluck and Godbless guys! keep your spirits up! :)
  11. kim_093089

    Pearson Vue Trick?????

    hi where in new york did you take your exam? what time did you do the pvt trick? are you gonna check it again? just finished my exam an hour and a half ago
  12. kim_093089

    Just failed...

    hi you can apply right away, just apply 45 days after the date of your exam at the pearsonvue website you can reach me here kimjherr@yahoo.com
  13. kim_093089

    kaplan scores

    thanks yoda and wetzoo :) yoda: love your comment, it helps me a lot wetzoo: have you taken the exam? were they similar?
  14. kim_093089

    Taking my NCLEX on the 28th

    hi there, I'll also be taking the exam on the 28th here in new york, what state are you taking yours? just focus and relax, answer questions, and most important pray :)
  15. kim_093089

    kaplan scores

    hi guys i was just wondering what scores did you get in the kaplan qbank and question trainers before passing your nclex-rn exam? thanks a lot! :)