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senior year is killing me

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so, im in my last semester of 6 and about to graduate in May!!:yeah: Nursing school thus far has been challenging, but not impossible. this semester has been hell! we are taking critical care, pediatrics, community health, and nutrition- with clincials in all but nutrition. i feel like there is not enough time in the day, and these teachers have lost their minds with the amount of work/assignments/20 page papers they assign!:banghead: well, i guess i'm done venting- anyone else have the same problems so close to the end!?

OMgosh tell me about it!

My last semester was a nightmare and there was so much busy work I don't even remember it all... but I got through it and graduate in a couple of weeks!

My final is Dec. 2nd! Hang in there, it will be over soon! :)


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My last semester was hell also :bugeyes:. Sometimes I felt like I would not get through it, but I did and now, I will be graduating in 2 weeks, December 12th is my final day as a student nurse :yeah:Hang in their, it will all be over soon.

WHOO HOO!! You're almost done. It is difficult and I can totally relate. Right now I'm doing my preceptorship in the ER and I'm so stressed out. But just a few more weeks and we'll be done! Congrats for getting this far and good luck!!

I hear you, it seems like every semester has it's little devils. :devil:

But the bright side is we are almost done! Yay! It does all feel like busy work now. Could that be because we can see what is important and what is not? Just keep your life balanced, because if you pass with all "A's" but have a nervous breakdown, what's the point?

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I feel and share your pain!

I'm told (on good authority) that May will arrive and this stuff will all be a memory. That thought helps me get through...!

oh geez, i thought maybe senior year would be a little easier than junior year if anything. i guess not?

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If it makes you feel any better I am in the same boat, except I still have 2 wks left of my 5th semester (graduate in May)..this semester has been particularly hard because they changed the program for all of those behind us to a 5th semester BSN and they did not wait a full year to do it so they were not going to have enough clinical spot for community nursing when the class that started a year after us became a semester behind us (they cut out geriatrics, and condensed community, psych, and peds/OB fr the classes that come after us). To fix this they had half of our class take community over the summer, and because of this we had to take an extra class this semester...I have to give my last presentation on Monday...I think it is seriously like my 5 one this semester, but feels like the 50th! And I have never written so many darned papers before, I mean nursing school especially BSN programs have a lot of papers but this semester has really done me in! And I am taking an extra preceptorship this winter (40hrs a wk) from another nursing program...full speed ahead for me!

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