Senior Burnout....who's with me?


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Only 6 weeks till graduation....who else is tired of the care plans, projects, tests, papers, and biting their nails over job interviews?


I am so done with it all, I just want to walk across that stage, get my piece of paper, sit the boards and get on with my life!

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2 tests, the HESI, and 4 weeks of clinical left! I'm so over it. Thankfully this class doesn't have our normal care plans, no projects due and no papers! Makes for a much less stressful class. Well, if you ignore the fact that our final grade is ONLY based on 3 things..absolutely no wiggle room there...ughh!

Come on May!


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So with you! Precepting is a pain in the butt. As the RNs on my floor like to point out, I'm actually PAYING to work 12 hr night shifts.


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May won't be her soon enough!!!


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I'm right with you. Channelling all of my energy and time into finding a job. Actually just interviewed at a SICU; hopefully I'll hear back soon. As for now, sort of just floating through tests and clinical. For some reason it's all just doable now. I know I'm in for a reality shock once I start working. But talk about senioritis. Is it May yet??

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I'm just ready to get on with working and making some $$$. I'd like to end up in stepdown/ICU eventually, but it looks like job

prospect wise I'll end up in med/surg.


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Just got a job..May needs to hurry up and get here. I am way burned out

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Right there with you! I have 4 weeks to go and its killing me!

33 days till pinning...1 test, 2 quizzes, 2 finals and a 5 page EBP stand between me and then! I have a job lined up in a New Grad internship starting 6/17...

I'm done, fried, cooked, stick a fork in get the picture!