Second Degree in _____?

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For those of you who have gone back to school, are in school, or just plain pondering it (like me)........

Would you get a second bachelors or masters in something other than nursing?

If yes, what?

MPH? MSN? .......

Julie, RN, BSN, now what????:rolleyes:


I always thought I'd like to teach. So a degree in education or teaching.

I am considering getting a degree in Business to compliment my nursing degree.

I would get a second degree in business adminstration or computer technology. I think both would offer better financial rewards than a masters in nursing.

Hello all nurse's , RN, LPN out there.

I am considering a challenging career in Nursing. I have no experience or training in nursing. I would like to know how challenging the program is in school, what the pro's and con's are of being a NuRse etc, etc.

Where the best school are in New York. The different areas of Nursing etc. etc.

Have anyone one of you guys or gals ever regretting changing from what yuo were to nursing ??


I love being a nurse, in fact if I go back to school I would like a degree that compliments/builds onto my nursing degree.

Some of my ideas for furthering my education are: MPH, basic MSN or oncology CNS, Health Education (teaching type degree),


What do those of you above want to do with your business degree?

And how about the computer option, do mean in the "tech world" or nursing informatics?

Come on guys, lets BrainStorm....more opinions please!!!!!:)


I am also trying to decide which in arena to pursue my Masters. I have begun taking a few classes that will transfer as electives to almost any program.

A wise ED MD once said to me, "Why do you want to put all your eggs in one basket. You're already an RN, and you have your BSN. Get your next degree in another field and broaden your horizons."

Sounded pretty smart to me!! Presently, I'm contemplating an MBA, or possibly something in public health administration. The only thing that has stopped me thus far is that I have not yet taken the GMAT exam (sort of like taking state boards all over again, from what I hear.)

Good luck with your search!


Julie..u might also consider a Masters in Hospital Admin or in Nursing Systems. Both are highly marketable.


I already have a BS in Meteorology, now working on my RN. I know I WILL return to Graduate School but I can't decide if it will be for MS in nursing or in Atmospheric Science---or heck, maybe I'll do both! I just can't seem to pick between the weather or nursing. ;-)

Hi all. My name is Chris and this fall I will be a sophomore at Indianapolis University-Purdue University at Indianapolis where I am pursuing a double major in Nursing and Psychology with a minor in Anthropology. I also work as a research assistant in the Psychobiology lab conducting research on alcohol and other drugs of addiction. I think this is a wonderful question. The opportunities for nurses are becoming much more varied. I have interviewed a nurse at the CDC in epidemiology that got her BSN, then when she went to grad school, she decided to get a Masters in anthropology. Now she does work on malaria. One of the professors here is also the director of a cancer research institute......and the examples go on. :)

I figure with both degrees, I have a much broader range of choices when I go to apply for graduate school, and there are a number of advantages to being involved in research as an undergrad.

Sorry to have rambled on so long, but after working for so many years as a CNA and wanting to go to school for even longer, I am excited about finally being on the road.

Thanks for listening to me rant for a while.


I have a second masters in computer science and work in the area of nursing informatics. Because of the CS degree, I'm actually hired as a software engineer, working for an information system vendor in R&D. As expected, the salary and career opportunities are better as a software engineer. But I am certified in nursing informatics and do a lot of informatics work. Most nurses in this field, however, have a nursing degree with informatics focus. I have met very few, less than 5, that have CS degree. I wish there was more. A note of caution, which by the way is particular to nurses, nurses hiring nurses for a nursing position will pick the nursing degree over others. This is especially true in nursing education where a non-nursing degree is seen less favorable than a nursing degree.

Specializes in Mental Health.

I have a second degree in Health Information Management. I currently am a Health Information Coordinator in a Mental Health Center.

Great - no weekends, Holidays - and I make a better salary than the nurses here.

I also get more respect fom the docs and clinicians due to having my RN. :rolleyes:

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