Second attempt approaching in 8 days


I recently posted my Kaplan scores but will repost them along with my most recent diagnostic, and readiness the readiness I never took I was sick that day in class. Yes Kaplan will let you take another one call and have them to open it again soo... Here are my scores.

Readiness : 58.9%

Diagnostic # (2) : 61.1%

Trainer 4: 76%

Trainer 5: 60%

Trainer 6: 66.0%

Trainer 7: 65.3%

RN sample exams

1. 72%


3. Priorities: 90%

4. Alternate formats, SATA: 76%

My first attempt I got the whole 265 and I got near passing in all areas except pharm. My Kaplan closes on October first I believe I have done my best and am going over the remaining 100 questions I have wrong in the q bank. I am also going over my labs, pharm, vents and trachs which are my weak areas as well. Please continue to keep me in your prayers. I took off my job for a week and I am currently an LPN. I wish everyone else well on their journeys as well. All prayers and suggestions are kindly accepted.


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I pray everything you've studied will be retained and understood as you sit for your exam. May the Lord fill your spirit with peace, mind with knowledge, and heart with overwhelming joy as He reward you with a pass on NCLEX and tells you, "Job well done my good and faithful servant". I speak this in advance because I have faith that you'll pass. :)

scaredsilly, BSN, RN

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Your scores are way better than mine were and I passed first time. I think you will do great!


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i passed with 78 Qs and my scores were alot lower. QT6 = 59% QT7 = 57%