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  1. 89**11

    Looking back

    I hope all is well, I recently looked back on some of my old posts and wanted to let everyone know how blessed I am. Why you say because I'm living and I've come along way and the lord continues to bless me regardless. I am not only doing something I've dreamed of since a little girl but I also have witnessed change and self evolution. Self awareness is a beautiful thing. I have also ignored so many Debbie downers in this profession and the lost miserable souls. Yes their out there in the world, so for those who are aspiring to be a nurse like I once have. I say to you regardless of what people tell you live your life for you and only you and the rest will come to light.😆
  2. 89**11

    Patients family in the medical field

    I never say anthing unless I have to. I hate telling other nurses I'm a nurse because some get so nervous and it makes me nervous for them rofl. Unless its something regarding an ethical or infection control issue or I want you to know hey I know that your not doing this right so let me hint to you I know....then that's about it unless I'm specifically asked.í ½í¸†
  3. 89**11

    A very difficult decision

    I hope this helped I'm still using my phone it does weird things....smh sorry
  4. 89**11

    A very difficult decision

    I apologize I'm typing this from my phone at work as well sorry but will try to edit it later
  5. 89**11

    A very difficult decision

    Hello, all I have a very difficult decision to make, well I've made my decision but would like to get different view points on my decision made. I can sometimes be blind to certain things and a different perspective would be nice. Well here goes.....(lol). I have been working for a company for six years and they paid for my education which I am very thankful. I have been working nights since employed but work various shifts for them and even did doubles on the weekends for almost two years but felt like death and switched back to nights solely. I have charged on days and evenings and am charge on nights as well. I've had various medical issues since about three years ago and I've tried to resolve and had a surgery to correct it I had a parathyroidectomy due to tumors that where found. I have also had some cardiac issues as well which i thought was due to my whole parathyroid issues, but even with that resolved im still having cardiac issues along with that custody issues with my ex husband. I have had a lot going on and really needed to change to days but been holding on. So recently I got hospitalized for abnormal EKG and my physician believes its night shift I'm not getting proper rest and just stress so they say. I use to work five nights straight and then changed that I just dont know what else to do and I don't even work 40hrs a week I've never have Well I asked my employer if possible can I switch to days if something is available. Well two weeks later it did so I had to put it in writing that I want the position so I did. Well they called me and said we got your note and your the only that has applied so far but we want to wait and see if any one else applies....😲 Then they called later that week and said two other nurses applied and they wanted to give me a interview this was my night off and I just got off smh. The other nurses that applied I had more seniority as well I was so annoyed and disappointed because the available cart was my own cart just a day shift position now mind you I've work this cart all shifts for six years and never interview for any other position. It hurt my heart and so I applied for another position else where and didn't think I would get the job and did. My current employer is very upset and has threaten to sue me for the remaining time I owe them which is 7months. I agreed to work out a payment plan and they said no they want the money now...smh...that even hurt me as well. They then offered me a personal loan from them for the amount to pay them back I refused because that is senseless. Then they said well work for us prn or partime we don't want to cause a financial burden on you. I agreed but then found out that this would be considered a conflict of interest for my new employer. I am so confused and frustrated because I can't stay there on nights I'm miserable and fear that it will only get worst, mentally, physically and emotionally. I am a mother of two and am engaged to be married and just can't deal with nights anymore after a total of eight years I just can't. I've accepted the job and my last night at my current employer is tomorrow. I just don't want any hard feelings because I have enjoyed working here and love my residents this has been a very difficult decision for me, yet I have to what's best for me and my family. I never wanted to break my commitment that I made to them but I'm exhausted. I also feel this new job is a once in a life time opportunity that I may never get again to move forward in nursing.I hope I am making the best decision possible. If you guys have any advice or words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated. I thank you all for your time.😆
  6. I hope so too....well I start next Tuesday so ill keep you guys posted. I just hope I'm making the best decision for me and my family. No matter how many years you do nights or how many vacations or nights you have off its never enough. I'm in Florida by the way.
  7. I got the job I am truly excited, I can't believe I got the job. I have been told it entails lots of travel and writing,but I'm thinking it has to be better than my current nights, and every other weekend schedule. I am so exhausted with nights and LTC til its affecting my health and I am too young. I use to do doubles on the weekends I've done every shift and even charged and I am just so exhausted in more ways then one. I am a wife, and mother and did I mention tired.... Lol. I am hoping this will be different and hopefully a little more tolerable the 8 years of night shift. Please tell me it is 😆 fellow surveyors.
  8. Leiloo I'm in fl and when I had to retake the nclex I had to print a paper application along with a money order for the fee I can't remember the exact amount but is on the FBON site. Once you mail it you should receive aproval again, however you will no longer have graduate nurse status. I hope this help sorry responded late was super busy today.
  9. 89**11

    CPR report, Hurst

    I got the whole 265 the first time and was near passing in all except pharm. That means you were close but lacked some critical thinking. This time I got 265 again and passed praised the lord it was much harder this time for sure.
  10. 89**11

    Hurst and then Kaplan

    I did love Hurst but I also used Kaplan content review and Saunders if I didn't quite understand kaplan and the 35 page study guide. I too failed my first attempt with 265 and took it again yesterday and had 265 but I passed this time:yes: you can do it and you pass good luck and god bless.
  11. 89**11

    Pearson trick: NOT true. Dont rely on it

    Well it worked for me took it yesterday.
  12. 89**11

    Failed my NCLEX for the 2nd time

    I'm so sorry to hear that I failed too the first time with 265 questions and took it yesterday and had 265 questions and it was super harder than before. I found out this morning I passed. I used Kaplan along with there content review book. I also went over the questions I got wrong over and over again and saw why I got them wrong so I focused on the weak areas until I understood why I got them wrong. I also used the content book to help me with my weak areas. I also did the sata exam and priority exam weekly in Kaplan to see how much I would improve until I got about 90%. I Followed a five week study plan of Kaplans and retook every trainer exam. I even retook the readiness and diagnostic exam after I completed the study guide. I also used the study guide on allnurses that alone is a life saver. I used Saunders disc for sata and hot spots and ekgs as well and read each chapter that I was weak on in Saunders if I couldn't grasp it in Kaplan and completed the exam at the end. Last but not least I prayed and gave it 100% this go round. I didn't skim I read and if I didn't know a answer to a question I knew by the next test the answer.I also used apps on my phone while at Dr. Appts waiting on the kids at the bus stop etc. Good luck hopes this helps and you will pass next time. Pray give it 100% let go and let god.
  13. 89**11

    Second attempt today

    Update I passed thank you lord. It was very difficult but the lord knew I gave it my all. God bless you all and I will continue to pray for you guys and thanks for the prays, and inspiration.
  14. 89**11

    Hurst. Pn review

    Saunders yellow book with disc breakdown of the chapters starting with your weakest areas and the 35 page guide helps a lot the first page alone will save you.
  15. 89**11


    Yes I had three extensions and they even allowed me to retake the diagnostic and readiness exams
  16. 89**11

    Second attempt today

    I hope so it was very hard and exhausting if I did pass I can tell the difference from last exam for sure.