SCRN exam....


Has anyone taken the SCRN exam recently, please share your experience.


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What is SCRN? Did you mean CCRN?


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It is stoke certification...... if you need more info, please let me know...


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I took it at the end of December. I studied on and off for 3 months, more heavily the last 2 weeks before the test. I passed but just barely. It was 175 questions. The questions aren't tricky like the NCLEX, but you need to know the content pretty well. I used the book from AANN, bought the practice test, and my work sponsored a 2 day class, but I took that almost a year and a half before I took the test. I also have been working on a designated stroke unit for almost 3 years.


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I just took it in April and used the following to study:

Stroke Certification study guide for nurses

Fast facts for stroke care in nursing

SCRN exam review course that was self-paced by MedEd

Passed, thought I wouldn't pass during the exam but I did with a good buffer.

The question were very similar to the first book I talked about.

Good luck studying!

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Has anyone taken the SCRN exam recently, please share your experience.

Took it a couple of years ago and found fairly easy (compared to the CNRN!!).

The AANN has a study book called "AANN Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing" is all you need. Good luck.

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I just took mine this week and passed. I used the Fast facts book and the Stroke Certification Study Guide.

Do you receive a certificate in the mail or a pin?


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It came by mail

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It's easier than both CCRN and CNRN.