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  1. SCRN exam....

    It came by mail
  2. Passed CNRN today

    Congrats! And thanks for taking the time to write this!
  3. University of Minnesota CRNA

    I also did it essay style. When do we hear about interviews?
  4. Cvicu new grad RN starting in july

    It depends on the situation, generally we sit down get report then go in and do a line and gtt check. But sometime we go in first thing so the nurse can show me what she's going to be talking about in report. good luck
  5. SCRN exam....

    I just took it in April and used the following to study: Stroke Certification study guide for nurses Fast facts for stroke care in nursing SCRN exam review course that was self-paced by MedEd Passed, thought I wouldn't pass during the exam but I did...
  6. CCRN

    I went to a course taught my Nicole kipchick (spelling?) and used laura gasparis CCRN questions book (which were very similar to the exam). Passed easily, honestly the class helped the most.
  7. ICP monitoring and ventricular drain.

    Yes, We also clamp it when doing anything that would change the position or level of the drain so we don't drain to much. In my hospital we don't need an order for it, it's common nursing practice in our neuro ICU.
  8. Do your clot retrieval patients go to ICU?

    Mainly they come directly to our ICU, but we are closely monitoring there sodium levels and have strict BP parameters. So maybe this HDU would maybe be appropriate depending on the situation.
  9. Unless you have specific protocols for those medications that you can start within your practice, I wouldn't do it and would be calling the MD too! I think that is very unprofessional of that MD! Just always remember document what you did, like cal...
  10. New grad. start

    We have new grads start in the ICU as of recent and I will say you can tell if they have med/surg background (or any background at all). So if you can I would start on a different floor other then ICU or ER, then work there for at-least a year then m...
  11. CCRN/CMC

    I took a class from Nicole Kupchik, she was amazing! She has her own books now and I would get them. But I also used Laura Gasparis questions book, which were very similar to the actual test.
  12. CCRN on Resume

    Hello, I was just wondering if you put CCRN at the top of your resume? example: First Last, BSN, RN, CCRN OR First Last, BSN, RN Thanks!
  13. I was wondering if anyone has recently taken the SCRN exam and if so how did they review? During the online research I found a class on MedEd and wonder if anyone has taken it? (linked below) SCRN® Exam Review Thanks!
  14. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    Traumanurseicu- I was wondering if you would be willing to share your math/science GPA and years of experience? If not no problem! Congrats on getting in!
  15. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    Can I ask for those of you who did get in how much experience do you have in the ICU?