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  1. Jefferson CRNA 2019

    Could I ask you when did you apply and is it for spring or fall? Good luck!
  2. CRNA Shadow log

    Thank you So much!
  3. CRNA Shadow log

    Hello all, Quick question regarding shadow logs for admission to crna schools, how detailed it should be? Any suggestions? TIA, A.
  4. UMD CRNA 2019

    Mine too...... í ½í¸©
  5. UMD CRNA 2019

    Hi all, Did anyone got any update in the surf? Thanks, A.
  6. UMD CRNA 2019

    Towards the end...gpa 3.9, CCRN, cnrn, fccs, pals, enls, grad level stats, community and unit work, 10 years icu experience......
  7. UMD CRNA 2019

    I think applying early would help for the committee to review I guess.....
  8. UMD CRNA 2019

    Thanks for the input spurs_up, heartily appreciated..... congratulations who are going to interview.... UMD has great professors and awesome support....some of us didn't get a interview chance, will continue to work towards our goal!
  9. UMD CRNA 2019

    Sent you a PM!
  10. UMD CRNA 2019

    Hi , Could you mind telling me when did receive your invite, as per the school, they said they sent all invites last week.....Huge congrats on landing the interview....
  11. UMD CRNA 2019

    Me too.... I submitted near end of the deadline......congratulations for all who got the interview......all invites have been sent already I think!
  12. SCRN exam....

    It is stoke certification...... if you need more info, please let me know...
  13. SCRN exam....

    Has anyone taken the SCRN exam recently, please share your experience.
  14. CNRN - Just Passed!

    Hi ..... did you take SCRN exam?How was that? Congratulations on your achievement.
  15. Best clinical rotation

    Thank you so much.