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scores too low for nclex?


Hi Guys,

I have my nclex pn scheduled in april. I am doing questions from nclex 4000 and constantly scoring 60% is that too low in order to pass the exam? should I reschedule I am so confused.:( The nclex 4000 is for rn and I will be taking my exam for pn . Could you please share what your scores are when working on nclex 4000?



Please dont be discouraged because of the scores. Make sure you know content because thats what you are being tested on. How well do you know the content? Do you know why you are getting questions wrong? What are you weak areas? Are you reading rationales?

Make sure you answer these questions to better help you set a baseline.

Questions are good fro practice but dont be discouraged if you arent scoring "high enough"

good luck to you!

akanini, MSN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I may be wrong but I think the exams are different and you really should be using a LPN CD/question bank.

Thank you guys for the feedback.

Me2006 I love your positive attitude I am trying not to give up. I have tried using some nclex pn books before which did not work for me. This time I am thinking to use exam cram q's I heard that the way the questions are worded are similar to nclex. Good luck to all of us who are taking the test in april.


Kaplan is much closer to the nclex than exam cram.

Hi hotnurse408,

Thank you for your reply. Unfortanantly I can't afford kaplan at this time.:( I will do the question trainers see if that will help.

Thanks again


bijoutRN, ADN, BSN, LPN, RN

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Only used Exam Cram PN practice question book. I studied it twice. Once in the book & then on the cd. I passed my Nclex PN on Monday w/ 85 questions in 2 hours! Focus on strategies to use when nothing else works when answering questions.