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I received my LPN in Mass. but recently moved to Hawaii. I just became employed and while going to orientation they keep informing me of tasks i can't do because I am a LPN even though I used to do these tasks in Mass. So my questions is where can I find info. that explains to me what my license covers because i thought if it was in my scope of practice I could perform the task??? any help would be appreciated.


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Obtain a copy of the Hawaii Nurse Practice Act. That would be my idea.



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Each state has a different scope of practice. Contact the Hawaii BON or look up their website for the info you need.


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Hell, every hospital in my area has a different scope of practice for LPNs. Even within the health authority that governs my region has different ideas. IMs can be given but we can't immunize in the hospital setting, we can immunize in public health (flu clinics, schools) even though we have the advanced practice certificate. Narcotics in active treatment but not in some continuing care centres.

The list goes on and on. Ask to see the facilities procedures guidelines.

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In the US, each state can set their own Guidelines for the RN as well as LPN/LVN degree, and it will vary with each state that you work in.

Scope of Practice is set up by the BON, each hospital is then free to set their own Policy and Procedures guidelines as to what an RN, and LPN/LVN can do or cannot do in their facility, as long as it does not overstep the BON's guidelines.

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