school stock meds given, do you notify?


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I usually only notify for meds I give in the afternoon, thinking that if the kid still complains of a headache when they see mom or dad I don't want them giving tylenol at 4:00 if I just gave it at 1:30.

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I don't call for meds given. I will call for trends, mostly because I pay for the meds out of my pocket. I will request they bring in a stock supply for their child or donate to the school. Should I give a second dose, I will call, as that probably increases the chance they will take a dose at home.


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I do, but because our standing orders/stock is all for emergency use.


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I always notify by email any medications given. Mainly because I'd want to know if there was any kind of trend going with tummy ache or headache complaints. The student may also be complaining at home and we may not know about this. I also don't want to give it at school then they turn around and get another dose at home in a couple of hours.

If it's a cream like neosporin or hydrocortisone then I typically don't notify.


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Wow, I didn't even realize some schools had stock meds. Any med given at my school (and all schools in our district) has to be provided by the parents, and we do have to call every time a PRN is given. If it's tylenol or ibuprofen I will call before I give it just to make sure the parents didn't give it less than 4-6 hours ago. The ONLY thing I DON'T have to call for is routine Rx meds.

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I don't always notify for ointments (I write a note on the nurse pass), but for IBU or tylenol I do. I feel like if my kid had something serious enough that the school nurse gave OTC meds I would like to know. Just for knowing's sake.


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We have standing doctors orders for our stock meds. If it's out of the norm, I will send a note home just because I don't want the parent to not realize and give a duplicate dose when the child gets home and still complains (Elementary school here.)


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i always call before giving the med to obtain verbal consent even if the parent signed off on our OTC med consent form. this way they know their child isn't feeling well/in pain, you can verify any med administration before school, and the parent knows what time the med was given at school.