Would This Bother Y'all?

  1. Hey, guys. I have a bit of a quandary, and since I tend to over-think things, I thought I'd get some opinions.

    I used to be a school nurse full-time, then I went back to college and got my ACNP. I am now one semester away from my FNP, and am still subbing (lined up 2 days within 30 minutes of signing back up, I LIKE that kind of reputation). When I wa full-time, I got to know my kids, and could usually get a feel for what their norm was, and as such, if they were within their norm, Mom was OK with me not calling, since I knew them.

    As a sub, I have a child who is diabetic, and I call his mother if he is high, low, whatever, since I am NOT really sure what his norm is. She is always more than friendly and thanks me for calling. My question is: Any of you who have a child with health problems (or not), would it get on your nerves if a sub nurse called you a couple times to let you know your child's sugar was high, low, etc.?

    I ask this because I truly don't want a sitch where the Mom thought I should have done something and I did not, or vice versa.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I have a son who was diagnosed (as it turns out wrongly) with CF when he was 12. Because he had had several ICU admits during this time, I was extremely nervous sending him to school and made absolutely sure everyone in the school knew to call me no matter what! I would never ever ever have been upset with anyone who called about my son.

    What infuriated me (and my hands still shake writing this today and my son is now 29) is when a teacher's aide denied my son his request to call me because he was ill!!!!!! This led to another ICU admit complete with intubation, delayed weaning, etc....

    As a parent, I would never ever fault anyone for calling me no matter what. I think most conscientious parents would feel the same.

    Thank you for looking out for the children's interest.
  4. by   luvschoolnursing
    When you sub, I think you have to err on the side of caution. (heck, I know my kids and often err on the side of caution) You can always even say to the parent, "I know Mrs. Smith, the regular nurse may not call you everytime Johnny's blood sugar is not within expected range, but since I don't know him and his particular symptoms, I'd prefer to run things by you." I think most parents would appreciate that. When I subbed, I always called more than was probably necessary.
  5. by   caliotter3
    As a parent, I would rather have someone call me too many times than to miss that my child was starting to have problems.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I go through the same at my school. My diabetic runs high/low about 3 times a week. There were times when I was calling mom every day it seemed. I'm at my job full time and still calls. When I'm not at work due to having off a sub RN is there and she calls also when ever he is high or low.
    This way I've builded a trusing relationship with the parents. Their child go diagnosed with diabetes this school year so with me calling to report high or low numbers they feel more confident and feel as though I'll never leave them out of the loop.
    If he's 300 or above I call. Ofcourse I intervene first by giving him water first. And if he's low around 70 or less I call and give him a carb first.
    It also depends on the parent too.