Words to take with us each day.

  1. This is a good read. Need to adapt it to our school setting. Words of wisdom for new nurses

    Happy Thursday Friends. Hope your day is as beautiful as mine. The weather in Missouri is amazing.
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    I love this. Thank you so much for posting.
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    Darn...big brother won't let me open the link at school. Does it say anything about Bud Light?
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    It's going to be nearly 60 degrees here in central Minnesota tomorrow! I'm giddy with excitement! I got to down grade to a regular winter coat this morning instead of my ankle length, down parka!
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    Quote from OldDude
    Darn...big brother won't let me open the link at school. Does it say anything about Bud Light?
    Sorry OD. Nope. and nothing about Mermaids either
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    Quote from Cattz
    Sorry OD. Nope. and nothing about Mermaids either
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    I like this! I wish there was one for school nurses too.
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    That is beautiful, helpful, and uplifting! Thank you for sharing!

    The district nurse said today that she made the right decision in hiring me, all the kids have been smiling, and I only had to send one home. I have had extra time this afternoon to organize and clean the office which feels great! So I am indulging in my love for my job today as I know tomorrow may (almost surely will) be different!

    OldDude, here is the text:

    Words of wisdom for new nurses

    Welcome to the land of happiness, sadness, confusion, self-doubt, defeat and heroism. You have only just begun. This is not an easy job. And countless times you will say, “What was I thinking?” Or “Why did I do this?”
    But it’s not really a job. It is a lifelong sentence. It can be insanely gratifying, or you can throw in the towel.

    But be patient. It will consume you, and you will never be the person you once were prior to becoming a nurse.

    My mother told me that I had to be a nurse. Back then, you did what mother said. I never wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to be a teacher or a journalist. But I did what mother said. I eventually grew into my nurse role. I went from psychiatry to ER to surgery/PACU, and finally landed in medical-surgical ICU. Almost 30 years of ICU.
    1985 is when I graduated from nursing school. Computers were just becoming the new toy, and with the advancement of computers and technology, we still held onto archaic uniforms and traditions. Such as the nursing cap.

    We were finally able to get rid of the dreadful nursing cap (thanks to women’s lib and sex-dress discrimination). I lost two years worth of salary increases because I was so against the nursing cap. The nursing cap that held onto thousands of microscopic germs. The nursing cap that got in the way with my patient care, the nursing cap that pronounced that I had to wear it because I did not have a penis. I finally threatened “sex-dress” discrimination, and I finally got my well-deserved raise, and never had to wear this appendage again.

    I was absorbed in nursing. I loved the entire body and the vital organs malfunctioning and trying to figure out this puzzle of life. There were good times, and there were bad times.

    These are my words of wisdom. My rules. Maybe this will help you absorb the rhyme and rhythm of nursing.

    1. Stay alert, take a 30-minute break, take yourself to the bathroom, decompress. 12 hours is a very long day.
    2. Be kind and gentle to all, from the janitor to the CEO to the poverty stricken homeless person. Treat everyone as an equal. There is no elite; there is no VIP unless everyone is a VIP.
    3. Always keep your cup half-empty. I always thought the nurse that thought she knew everything was the most dangerous nurse. Medicine, cures, procedures, diagnosis and treatments are always changing. So keep your mind open.
    4. Stay far away from the “bully trap.” The lateral violence. It’s not worth it, and you can be a part of ruining a person’s self-worth. Forever. Stay far away. Stand up to the bully, fight them off. Report them. Protect your fellow nurse and nursing staff.
    5. Know your facts about your patient before you call an MD, PA or NP. Write down your problems.
    6. Do not ever apologize to an MD for calling him or her about a patient that you need new orders for or you need to report a new condition in the patient. That is their job to assist you. You are the protector, the teacher, the nurse of your patients.
    7. Chose your battles wisely. Managers can be wonderful, but they also can be a slippery slope. Chose your friends wisely also. Deception sadly comes in sheep clothing.
    8. The worst shift can be the most wonderful shift if you engage, empower and help your fellow team. It is beyond any retirement gold watch you’ll ever receive when you have a good crew to work with and to depend on.
    9. Watch out for burnout. That is the wonders of being a nurse. To go from psychiatry, ER, maternity nursing to newborn ICU, trauma ICU or neuro ICU to peace corps or travel nurse, to getting your BSN, or masters degree or doctorate to become an NP or an anesthetist: The world of nursing is wide open.
    My bottom line to you all:

    • Keep your chin up, decompress, take a vacation, follow your heart.
    • Be kind to each other.
    • Respect one another. The old nurse and the new nurse.
    • No question is ever dumb.
    • Questions are good and much safer than not questioning and therefore potentially making a grave mistake.
    • Empower each other.

    We’re all in this together. This circle of life. From birth to dying with dignity.

    Focus, love, and empower.

    Debbie Moore-Black is a nurse who blogs at Do Not Resuscitate.
    Image credit: Shutterstock.com
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    moreoreo- I love the tone of your message. Glad you are feeling good about your job. Hope your day is as good today as yesterday. (So glad you are here with us. anybody that has oreo in their screen name has to be super cool) You may be on the verge of starting your own "super cool kids table".)

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    Thank you Cattz! I am thrilled to have joined this great group of people. I think I spent entire weeks during my job search reading dozens of threads to get a feel for what I was getting myself into, and this forum definitely played a big part in my taking the leap! You guys are amazing and sometimes just reading posts here is the best way to end a busy day. I love it!
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    Love it!!
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    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!