Weird Parents !

  1. I just called a parent and the voice mail was ridiculous ! She has a whole 2 minute poem about " love" She was stating how she have been hurt by many men, and how her one true love is out there.... She went on and on about this love thing on her voicemail recording. I just thought this was totally weird.

    The poem was very touching, I just don't think its at its appropiate place.

    Have you all ever had just straight out weird parents ?
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    I called one last week and the voice on the message sounded like a teenage boy and he was trying to make you think you were talking to a real person. Went something like this:

    Machine: Hello?
    Me: Hi, this is the nurse at xyz elem
    Machine: Oh, wait, let me turn the radio down?
    Me: (becomes suspicious, stays silent)
    Machine: OK, now what did you say?
    Me: (still suspicious, stays silent)
    Machine: Oh, well, if you didn't know it yet, you are talking to my answering machine. Leave a message.

    So annoying! What is the point of that? And I know it was the right number because the parent called back later. I just don't get it!
  4. by   JaneyW
    My favorites are the parents that give you 2-3 numbers and none of them work or have voice mail or an answering machine. Or maybe the mail is full. Then they complain because you didn't call them!!
  5. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    One time I called a parent and the conversation went like this:
    Parent: Hello ( mans voice)
    Me: Hi Sir , I'm trying to get in touch with MRS. Jones
    Parent: Its her ( womens voice)
    Me: Silent and confused
    Me again: I'm sorry I called you sir...
    Parent: Thats ok, I was trying to disguise my voice anyway.

    BTW: I guess she wanted to disguise her voice to catch her hubby cheating ! Thats the only thing I can think of when a women answers the phone is a mans voice.
  6. by   SchoolNurseBSN
    This is not so much weird as annoying. I had a parent leave a message on my voice mail at 7:45 last night. They were really annoyed that I was not available and they had reached a voice mail.

    Hello, school lets out at 3:30 - you see my *** flying out the door at 3:45. No way are you ever going to find me at my school at 7:45. If I wanted to be at work that late, I would go back to the hospital!

    Of course, nurses aren't human. I guess now on top of not getting lunch, we also have to spend the night too!
  7. by   kimbernurse
    I HATE ringbacks on cell phones "while your party is being reached". I usually use speaker phone when making phone calls so I can have my hands free to multi task, but some of the vulgarity of those songs is embarrasing especially with little kids in the health room. One voicemail " I'm not here yo, but holla back at cha girl". Another " In the name of Jesus I rebuke you, you evil" (I think I may have had the wrong number on that one). People change numbers more than their underwear. I couldn't imagine not being reachable during the day for my child!!
  8. by   schoolnurse09
    Oh yeah...weird, immature, mental, irresponsible parents. Parents who are not as smart or mature as their elementary school children. I could go on and on. One of my pet peeves: I call, they screen with caller ID - but don't pick up, and before I can leave my message on the voicemail, they are already calling back to the main office. What ?! I also love the borderline obscene recordings on their voicemail....hel-lo, you are a MOM for gosh sakes !!!