Thursday Staff Doings

  1. Just curious any of you see this as often as I do ???

    I am seeing a lot of staff/teacher's who will come to me on Thursday and tell me they are feeling sick.

    I'll check their temp, ears, throat and all seems normal to me.

    They will usually always be out sick on Friday. Hmmm..???

    This happens mostly only on Thursday's. I am getting the feeling that they think if they come to me for an evaluation, then that makes it on the up and up to take the next day off.

    Come on...I am not the sick leave police. I do not mention these visits to any administrator, I don't track these things.

    Do any of you see this ?? Thanks !
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    Anyone have some feedback for me

  4. by   Chilenurse
    I was surpriced last week to read your thread.
    I cant tell much.
    But in my school K-12 it`s not like that. And if they get sick with sick leave they dont tell me, teachers have a speciall phonenumber they have to use.
    We have around 115 teachers, but they dont come that much to me.
    Ca.4-5 a week? In wintertime much more.

    Greetings from Germany

  5. by   michigooseBSN
    I'm much more likely to have to insist on sick teachers (high fevers with chills, juicy coughs etc.) going home. I do enter teacher visits into my computer log so it is possible to track them if I want to.
  6. by   Dimple58
    I do see a lot of staff/teachers, (approx 5-10 a day) but I never have time to see who's come to work the next day or not. I only make an accident report on them if it's bad, like a fall or something. My software only contains students and doesn't allow me to add staff on it. I mainly get them in showing me rashes, checking their b/p, asking advice on surgery or medicine, etc. If they come in to check their temperature, it's in the middle of the day and they felt hot and they leave. They don't make me check in their ears and throats, the custodians are doing that. And come to think of it, they usually think it's an ok to be sick from the way they react. I'm not the doctor in my book
  7. by   psalm's a theory. For people who work Monday-Friday, maybe by Thursday some are "all used up", what with school work, lesson plans, extra curricular activities they may be teacher-sponsors for, or coaches of the many sports in schools, even elementary. Add in family, civic and religious activities, meals, carpooling, laundry...oh my, I'm describing us!!

    ...but, again, for those who work 5 days in a row, as most teachers do, maybe the body just can't take anymore abuse. I would consider counseling the repeaters to get more rest, hand hygiene, hydrate, eat well and prioritize activities.