Those parents who send their super sick kids to school

  1. I have a little Kindergartener in my office who gets sick frequently and he comes to school REALLY sick, and mom acts surprised when I call her to come pick her up. About 6 weeks ago he came into my office breathing at 46, I could hear his pneumonia practically before my stethoscope hit his back, temp was 104. He arrived to school like this and mom was surprised when I called her to come get him. Friday he was sent home with a temp of 103 and a bad cough (I was out Friday but heard from the teacher) and again he arrived that way and mom was surprised. So here he is again in my office, junky breath sounds, temp is ok for now, pale, resps 44, SPO2 95%, kid is exhausted, miserable. WHY??? Mom not answering calls or texts. And she DOES NOT WORK so it isn't the type of situation where she is at risk of losing her job if she calls out. She is flaky and just seems to not get it. Poor kid is passed out in my office.
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  3. by   ruby_jane
    Quote from MHDNURSE
    and mom acts surprised when I call her to come pick her up.
    All the love to you and to the little darling.

    It's finals week. Parents are sending the kids (or the kids aren't telling parent they're sick and coming anyway). And then everyone is surprised when I have to sent the kid home?!?!?!?
  4. by   Amethya
    I would speak with the admin, because this is basically abuse, medically. The child is very sick and mom doesn't want to respond, that's not good.
  5. by   WineRN
    Does she take the little one to the doctor? And are there other issues preventing them from going to the doctor that you are aware of?

    I think we all understand to a point the parents who cannot take off of work due to the risk of loosing their jobs. And those who just cannot afford to go to the doctors. Those families where we are the primary medical professionals they see.

    If this family doesn't fit either of those situations, I think you have enough proof to report medical neglect.
  6. by   BeckyESRN
    I've had a similar issue and, with the blessing of admin, requested a doctor's note/proof of visit before the child was able to return. Poor guy...