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  1. I was reading a string from one of you and it made me curious. How large are your offices? (I mean the actual diameters.) Are you in an office that was intended for a nurse? Beds? etc. Or are you in a "closet?" This is read by nurses across the states and I was wondering.... As for me, this building was built in 1968. I have been here 8 years, and am the first school nurse! But I think this room was built to be a health room because I have a sink, toilet, and a curtain rod that be pulled for increased privacy. But the room is only large enough for a couch and my work desk. About 11 by 11 (not including toilet area). What about the rest of you? I 've had many children come in from different states telling me that they had beds, etc.
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  3. by   Purple_Scrubs
    My office is approximately 7 1/2 feet by 17 feet (I just counted the floor tiles ), and I also have a smalll walk in closet and a rather large, handicap accessible bathroom. I have a sink in the bathroom and a second on in my office, which is nice, and I have two cots. The thing I hate about the layout of my office is that there is a ton of wasted space in the center of the room with the cots on opposite walls, but I have yet to figure out a better configuration that does not make it a pain to get into either the closet or bathroom. I don't have a curtain for privacy, but I have a three panel screen which I have no room for, so it lives in the bathroom! I have never had to use it, I just close the door.
  4. by   Dimple58
    I have a school of 700+ which is 4-5 years old built with clinic in mind. Has inside nurse office inside clinic. Outside my office is desk area for clinic aide. Has 3 cots, drapes that can be pulled around each cot, inside bathroom, large standing ice maker, small refrigerator, many cabinets to store supplies and medicine and also large walk-in storage room in the clinic. It's preet spacious compared to the other schools. Dimensions are: half is 24 feet by 12 feet and other half is 24 feet by 18 feet. Lights come on when rooms are entered and shut off automatically. Real modern, just no windows.
  5. by   bergren
    FYI This document gives criteria for school health offices:
    Be sure to check out their school nurse page too: http://www.healthyschoolscampaign.or...s/schoolnurse/

    Articles in JOSN you can access through NASN member portal: www.nasn.org

    McKibben, C. S., DiPaolo, S. J., Bennett, J. S. (2005). Recommendations for constructing school nurses’ offices designed to support school health services. Journal of School Nursing, 21, 164 - 169.

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  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    My office is a nice size. I have my office and then there is a smaller office inside of mine for the RN who is here part-time.

    I have a bathroom, file cabinets, sink with a ledge and with about 6 extra cabinets to store meds and etc.
    Have two refridgerators with one with a built in freezer... have two cots.
    I think its a pretty nice size.
    ANd I loooooove my new computer too and printer.
  7. by   cowgirlBSN
    I'm jealous of your situation! I have a closet, probably 8x10 no joke! Enough for a desk, an exam bed older that the Mountains, a med cart and a chair. It's rediculous and practically useless. Everyone knows my buisness, there is no privacy whatsoever. I'm praying for a bigger room some day! The nearest bathroom and sink are hallways away and I have carpeted floors! (Excellent for blood and vomit!)