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skoolnurse specializes in Renal, Orthopedic, and School.

I have been in the medical field (and worked my way up!) for the past 30 years. I have been married to my best friend for 24 years. We have 4 children, that I am extremely proud of, and I am the "substitute mom" to 800 children.

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  1. skoolnurse

    Help--I am new at this

    If you are going to continue in this postion - great! But you only have about a couple weeks left of school. BE THINKING AHEAD!!! Come up with some kind of questionnaire "In the event that a parent needs to be contacted by the nurse...get other emergency numbers of people that have permission to check out..." Do not start the new school year this way! Send home notices now that numbers will be updated next year. Go to ANY class orientation when School begins again. Tell the parents again! Then when school starts send out the notices with two weeks to return them. I work in a 7 - 12 th grade school. High Schoolers do not want anyone having their parents numbers, but when the parents understand that it is for the nurse I get a good response.
  2. skoolnurse

    Moment of Silence and Gratitude

    what do we say? shock. respect. awe. please take a moment to remember a fellow school nurse that passed away this week. as we were all scrabbling with the epidemic situation, we were also doing our jobs as "the school nurse". we care for everyone on a school campus, and so did she! with the utmost respect this is in memory of ms. bowden, school nurse of santa clara high. our thoughts and prayers go out to your family and your school family. :redbeathe http://www.mercurynews.com/localnews...009?source=rss
  3. skoolnurse

    TGIF to All School Nurses !

    THANK GOD! I had to laugh this week, because absolutely NONE of us were talking at one point! Too busy. I just talked with a couple pediatricians and they said that we haven't had any action in this area. So I am afraid that next week may be another l-o-n-g one for me :uhoh21:
  4. skoolnurse

    Just in, Huntsville city schools closing

    Madison County Schools and Huntsville City school are closed until Monday. Two "Probable cases" involving Kindergarteners of the same school. The school itself will be closed for 7 school days. www.waff.com
  5. skoolnurse

    Swine Flu Posters

    This was so cute I had to tell my sister nurses! One of the earlier posts asked what we were doing different to get the word out about the swine flu... Well, I wanted to put up NEW REMINDER posters in the halls and bathrooms to WASH THEIR HANDS! I thought I should have a poster contest amongst the Web Design Class and then choose a winner. The posters came back were SO GOOD that I couldn't even pick a winner! They are very eye catching and I have even heard kids out in the halls talking about them. I wish I could show you some of them. I gave everyone in the class a candy bar and soft drink for their efforts. They all came up and gave me a HUG! :redbeathe (no diabetics in that class LOL)
  6. skoolnurse


    I hate SCABIES!!! "Prolonged skin to skin contact" can be a problem with High Schoolers! Had it go rampant thru the football team and their girlfriends a few years ago. Anyways, we do not send home a generic letter either, but I do send the student home and will not allow a readmission without a note from the doctor saying that they are not contagious.
  7. skoolnurse

    Do you ever just want to give up...

    OK . . .get this! We have an EXAM EXEMPTION policy here! If you have an 'A' you can only miss three days, etc. The Seniors understand this policy TOO WELL, but with the seventh graders it takes going through exam time before they realize they made a big mistake. So very patiently I try to explain the exam policy at the beginning of the school year. One year I had a parent get extremely mad at me and say that whenever their child wanted to check out that I was to call the parent. I just grinned and you guessed it... chapped lips- home, stubbed toe - home, HA - home; on and on. Well after going through their seventh grade year of having to take all their exams ... the next year I don't think I could get the parent to come get the child if their life had depended on it!!! LOLOLOL
  8. skoolnurse

    Some people just don't get it!

    I started laughing. No, I will not respond to this jerk. But what I did do is call the mother of the IDDM child whose life I saved two years ago! She will take care of his little red wagon.
  9. skoolnurse

    Just Curious....

    I was reading a string from one of you and it made me curious. How large are your offices? (I mean the actual diameters.) Are you in an office that was intended for a nurse? Beds? etc. Or are you in a "closet?" This is read by nurses across the states and I was wondering.... As for me, this building was built in 1968. I have been here 8 years, and am the first school nurse! But I think this room was built to be a health room because I have a sink, toilet, and a curtain rod that be pulled for increased privacy. But the room is only large enough for a couch and my work desk. About 11 by 11 (not including toilet area). What about the rest of you? I 've had many children come in from different states telling me that they had beds, etc.
  10. skoolnurse

    Student Reports Alcoholic mom

    I'm jumping specialties here - because I need your advice. I just had a teacher come in and tell me that a high school age student is concerned because her mother is an alcoholic and the mom is now pregnant. She wants to call the physician and tell him. With all the confidentiality can the child do this? Or will the physician run a test that may discover the possibility of FAS. Thanks for your help.
  11. skoolnurse

    Happy Easter School Nurses !

    To Everyone - May you all have a blessed Easter, and a happy and safe Spring Break!
  12. skoolnurse

    Being thrown under the bus?

    We are nurses, working in the education field. There is protocol that must be followed. Check your Board of Education Hanbook, there should be a GRIEVANCE and COMPLAINT Policy for all employees. From the information that you gave above, the policy was not followed correctly. It sounds like a major case of jealousy to me.
  13. skoolnurse

    Under Soft Lock Down

    Yes. I am in AL. The lockdown was released about 2:30. I really do not want to discuss anything over this thread about it, except to say that this is a very small community and every one here is related and close. THANK YOU for all your prayers and thoughts at that time. I could feel them! Please continue to remember our communities.
  14. skoolnurse

    Under Soft Lock Down

    The lockdown has been lifted. But please continue to remember our community.
  15. skoolnurse

    Under Soft Lock Down

    I do not believe there is any threat to the schools but we have gone under precautionary lock down. There was a shooting near by and the shooter hasn't been apprehended yet. I believe the officials made a wise and justified call, but please remember us right now.
  16. I became a High School school nurse because of a Elementary School Secretary that chased me down the hall! I had been volunteering my services in the Health Room (that was run by moms), when a position was posted because of two brittle diabetic brothers. I really didn't want to apply but the secretary wrote my letter of intent and 'cleaned up my resume'. Then SHE sent it in! (I was med -surg in the hospital and hated peds! LOL) I went on the interview, and have been loving my job for 8 years! Thanks Nancy!