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  1. cowgirlBSN

    What determines school nurse salary?

    We're the same mustluvdogs. I have to say it's a bit underwhelming. I started at 25000 4 years ago. I had my bachelor's degree in nursing and 4 years of nursing experience before starting school nursing. I am not on teacher's salary and do not get much of a raise each year. I love the work and I do have a wonderful schedule. But like others have mentioned, it would be nice to be compensated for my years of schooling and experience. Unfortunately it's up to school districts in Illinois to determine what salaries they want to offer non-teaching staff. I wish there was some way to have our salaries the way teachers have theirs set up.
  2. cowgirlBSN

    "My child came to the nurse? Why didn't anyone call me??"

    I know this one well! I've had several angry parents at me over the years for this and that. My most recent one being this past Tuesday! She was mad I didn't call her the day before for her daughter getting hit by a basketball. Turns out, according to the recess supervisor she sits underneath the basketball goal during recess! So she got hit in the cheek, I examined it, gave an ice pack for 10 minutes and re checked it. Nothing to be concerned about. So I sent her to class. The next day I got a VERY hateful phone call which I had to transfer to our principal who then had to transfer it to our superintendent. She said she is going to go to the board about me and require that I call parents when something happens to their child. My practices are unacceptable!
  3. cowgirlBSN

    Swine Flu

    We've gotten hit pretty hard as well. I'd say getting close to 10%. We've also had stomach viruses and strep. It's been a sickly few weeks! I'm hoping we'll start tapering off soon. I've not gotten much other work done trying to combat our illnesses!
  4. cowgirlBSN

    Do you have a school plan regarding H1N1?

    Thanks for your reply. Our parents are going absolutely birzirk over the flu. I am actually getting angry calls asking me what we are going to do and why haven't we done anything will all of our positive cases of flu! I'm trying to assure them that we are doing all we can at this point and there is no reason to close our school as of yet. It seems to not be enough for them. We are stressing the importance of proper hygiene and staying home if sick. Seems like no matter how much we educate them they are still demanding some kind of further action. I'm getting so aggrivated!
  5. Our school is getting hit with influenza A pretty hard. Many students are being called in every day and several being sent home from school. We have recently had some cases come back as positive H1N1 from the doctor although our health dept has not confirmed them with us. I've been trying to keep in contact with our health dept on how to proceed now that our illness is becoming more prevelant but they just tell me its up to our school. I'm wondering if any of you have any guidlines your going by or any further measures you may be taking to battle the flu and H1N1. I'd appriciate any advice!
  6. cowgirlBSN

    Any School Nurse's out there giving H1N1 vaccinations ?

    I just found out this morning that our health department is providing a free vaccination clinic at our school as soon as the vaccine is available to us. I'm very excited. I think our school and parents will appriciate our efforts at prevention and vigilance.
  7. cowgirlBSN

    All School Nurses

    Hi I'm Kimberly from Southern Illinois. I have been a school nurse for over 4 years to a community school district Pre-K through 12. I am the only nurse for around 700+ students. I absolutely love my job and the people I work with. It is EXTREMELY different from my backgrounds which include surgery and ICU. I enjoy the challenge and the wide realm of nursing that this job allows me to incorperate.
  8. cowgirlBSN

    Where is everyone??

    I'm still here. But barely! As you said, this year has been crazy from the start. I sit here before school typing this because I know I will not see the computer during hours! This year has been like no other I've had! We started getting hit pretty heavy by the flu begining last week. Before that it's been broken bones, asthma, football injuries etc! Whew. I still have to find some time to get to physicals before next weeks deadline! Yikes! Good luck to you and I hope our year starts to even out some pretty soon!
  9. cowgirlBSN

    What is your head lice policy?

    Maine, I have made several attempts to "educate" our administrators on this issue, as I had said in a previous post. I can only suggest what I think is medically best, show them evidence such as the Harvard School of Pub Health protocol, and then they ultimately decide. I have to follow what they have set in place and make the policy per their decision, which has been no lice/no nit.
  10. I bet 10 out of the 15 or so I've seen thus far have started out with the line "my teacher said that I need". I want to explode. I keep reminding myself, I can make it through 5 more days!! Yes, we have 5 more days! Halleluah!!! All reports are done, files are in order, letters sent home, just waiting it out! Oh some good news, I may be getting a big office next year! HOORAY! Its not official but they had me looking into another room yesterday and getting my opinion of making it my room!!
  11. cowgirlBSN

    Did I do something wrong?

    Poor girl, sounds like you have a parent that just wants to place the blame on someone. I've had almost the exact situation happen to me last year. A parent blamed me for an asthma attack the child had in the middle of the night. (I am also neighbors to this person and their child was riding a lawn mower all that evening before!). I'm not sure why they do this. Keep your head up!
  12. cowgirlBSN

    What is your head lice policy?

    I agree and have shown our administration a lot of documentation on head lice and whether allowing them to remain in school or not. We are a small town school and changes aren't made too often. They were dead set on this issue.
  13. cowgirlBSN

    What is your head lice policy?

    Thank you so much for replying! I'm trying to decide whether I should make it manditory for them to be out 24 hours. Like you said, I've never had anyone free from lice the next day. That's my reasoning behind making them stay home 24 hours. (Not sure that it would do the trick but maybe make them work on it a bit harder...)
  14. cowgirlBSN

    What is your head lice policy?

    My school insist on having a no lice/no nit policy. Right now I have it written up where students are sent home immediately if found to have lice and should stay home for 24 hours of treatment. After 24 hours absence, if the lice is still present it is an unexcused absence. Head lice should be gone after 24 hours of treatment and removal of nits and the student must come into the nurses office with the parent or guardian to be cleared before being allowed back to class. I've decieded that I will require a 24 hour absence because of the chemicals that head lice treatments contain and the fact that it should not be washed out for a couple days. Does this sound legitimate?? I would like to know what the rest of you think and what your policies are. Especially if you are a no lice/no nit school such as ours.
  15. cowgirlBSN

    Pink Eye

    Not that I know for sure, but my thoughts are determining whether it's allergies or pink eye is almost impossible, and doctor's probably treat for pink eye even though it may not be some times. I know there are differences between the two but with some people it's hard to determine. I send home if pink eye is suspected. It is very contagious. I've read where other school's do not send home for this illness. I let the parent know that it is hard to determine, and that I am NOT a doctor and the safest bet would be to have them examined by a doctor, that it is difficult to differenciate the two. Seriously, these kids are scratching their eyes, turning door knobs and touching so much through the day that I want to be on the safe side.
  16. cowgirlBSN


    Ok so acording to this statement, my having to help answer phones, answer the door buzzer, watch the office from 1100 to 1230 while the secritary is out, helping parents when the come in to find their child for pick up, and watching the "time out" room next door when the asst principal is unable to watch it, should be a major no no in the real world huh???!!!! If only. That's what I get for being the only nurse in a small town school who thinks I only put band aids on and check for head lice..... Some days my job is worth it!