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  1. Hello! I am a bachelors prepared school nurse with a background in ICU and Surgery. I have been with my school for 3 years now and will start teaching CNA and Health Careers classes next year. I was wondering if anyone else taught high school and had any pointers for me. Such as what to use in my classroom, what subjects should be more heavily emphasized, etc. Thanks so much for the help!
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    What determines school nurse salary?

    We're the same mustluvdogs. I have to say it's a bit underwhelming. I started at 25000 4 years ago. I had my bachelor's degree in nursing and 4 years of nursing experience before starting school nursing. I am not on teacher's salary and do not get much of a raise each year. I love the work and I do have a wonderful schedule. But like others have mentioned, it would be nice to be compensated for my years of schooling and experience. Unfortunately it's up to school districts in Illinois to determine what salaries they want to offer non-teaching staff. I wish there was some way to have our salaries the way teachers have theirs set up.
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    "My child came to the nurse? Why didn't anyone call me??"

    I know this one well! I've had several angry parents at me over the years for this and that. My most recent one being this past Tuesday! She was mad I didn't call her the day before for her daughter getting hit by a basketball. Turns out, according to the recess supervisor she sits underneath the basketball goal during recess! So she got hit in the cheek, I examined it, gave an ice pack for 10 minutes and re checked it. Nothing to be concerned about. So I sent her to class. The next day I got a VERY hateful phone call which I had to transfer to our principal who then had to transfer it to our superintendent. She said she is going to go to the board about me and require that I call parents when something happens to their child. My practices are unacceptable!
  4. I have a student in 5th grade who repetedly urinates in his pants and then remains in it for the rest of the day. He will not tell anyone he has urinated and he will not go change his clothes on his own. Administration and I have worked with him and his mom for a couple years now trying different accomodations. Is there any Illinois law saying that this child HAS to change his clothes after he has urinated in his pants? Mom is telling us that his doctor says he should not be made to change clothes because of the social imbarrasment of the situation. I can't help but think it is law that this child cannot go around in soiled clothing risking the other children to come into contact with it??? Pleas help!!
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    I am not a stinking babysitter!

    Tell me about it! That's the way it goes in a small school system I guess. Our doors have a lock system on them where you have to be buzzed in to get in. So when she's out I have to go into the main office and buzz people in, and then help them with what they need (call a student from class etc). Last week, I had a student in my office with an ankle sprain/possible fracture and I didn't get to the door when someone was buzzing to come in. Later, I was confronted by administration about why I didn't answer the door when people are wanting to come in??!! Talk about getting agrivated!
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    Swine Flu Closures for School Nurses

    We have not heard anything about school closings in our region yet. I did hear a reliable source say they had confirmed cases of the swine flu in a town within 20 minutes of our school. We'll have to wait until later in the day to see if that is complete fact. If so, I'm not sure what it will do to our school systems. I am truely growing fearful of this as the days go on. Maybe it's all the news media going wild, but having a 2 year old at home and the possibility of a flu virus pandemic affecting him terrifies me!
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    Any school nurses doing things differently?

    There is a lot of talk going around our school and I've had a lot more students sent to me to check fevers but no one is making a big deal out of it yet.... I've thought about sending out a memo about handwashing and such but TV has made such a big deal over it I feel like I'd just be saying what's already been said.
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    I am not a stinking babysitter!

    I have this exact problem!! I'd say atleast 4 out of 5 days a week. Kids get brought into the office to "cool off" or wait to see the asst. principal and I end up having to keep an eye on them. I feel that is not my responsibility. (We already have a secritary who doesn't stay in the office and I end up doing her job on top of mine most of the day...another HUGE irritation of mine...) Anyway, if they get up, talk, whatever I let them because hey, it's someone else's issue, not mine. If they are bleeding, then they can come on down. I already am forced to do other people's jobs, not gonna take on that one too!!
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    A Scratch...

    I have to vent a little... I had a parent call me today angry that I did not call her yesterday when her child got a scratch on the playground. The child came into the office after it happened. It was not even bleeding but I cleaned it and bandaged it and sent her on her way. I have atleast 20 plus kids that I do this for on a daily basis. Never did I ever think this one was any different than any other. Mom said when the child got home she saw the scratch and immediately took her to the doctor for a tetnus and evaluation. When she got there the nurses told her that was not neccisary that her shots were all up to date and the child was fine!!! DUH!!!! Mom said from now on that I am to call her anytime her child comes in my office. I replied, "every little scratch?" Mother said yes. I'm having a hard time swallowing this one! She said because I did not contact her she drove all the way to the doctor for nothing. Am I out of line here? Do you all call parents for scratches??
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    A Scratch...

    I have referal forms too. I use them frequently but perhaps I should send one with every student who comes in. If they actually get back to the parents and they see some of the crazy stuff these kids come in for maybe they will have a talk with their child....or not.....!!
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    A Scratch...

    Your right. I should have said that to her. I don't think of good things to say until after the conversation is over and I've thought about it! I need to talk to our principal about this and see what she wants me to do for sure. Part of my job is descerning the severity of their condition and if it warrants further evaluation. I get so tired of pettyness.
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    Just Curious....

    I'm jealous of your situation! I have a closet, probably 8x10 no joke! Enough for a desk, an exam bed older that the Mountains, a med cart and a chair. It's rediculous and practically useless. Everyone knows my buisness, there is no privacy whatsoever. I'm praying for a bigger room some day! The nearest bathroom and sink are hallways away and I have carpeted floors! (Excellent for blood and vomit!)
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    Do you ever just want to give up...

    It seems like this exact situation is a daily battle for me as well. There are a few teachers that are especially guilty of this. I have adopted the stance of 3 strikes and your out. Which means if they are in here more that 2 times to see me I call the parent. And I do tell the parent that I have checked them out, cleared them to return to class but the teacher insist they go home. That way if the parent complains that their healthy child has came home uneccissarily, its on the teacher, not me! I know these teachers get tired of them constantly complaining but seriously, what ever happened to the phrase "sit down and shut up"!! Not in those exact terms of course....
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    We contacted our psychologist and she was willing to meet with him however, mother refused, of course. She said her son would not talk to her when he won't talk to anyone else who has tried. We tried to explain that perhaps the pshychologist may be able to speak with him where others have failed. That is was their expertise, but she wasn't up for it.
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    Right now mom is asking for homework only. She doesn't want a home bound teacher in their house. I'm not sure how they will work all that out. That's totally above me and I'm glad for it!
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    Well, we spoke with the mother after the child did not show up this morning for school. He refused to wear a pull up today. They now wish for him to recieve home bound services. I really don't know what it will take to get this student encouraged to participate in his own well being. It has to be within him to fix his situation. We can all tell him what needs to be done but if he will not cooperate I'm afraid to find out how long he will go on like this. His mom seems to give in to his direction.
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    Ok, So here is an update since the meeting friday afternoon. Mom seemed to be in agreement with our request (as she has been in the past when we've meet with here face to face and then changed her mind afterward...). We also had the NP that handles our student's medical issues. We started off saying that we understood his medical condition and we were willing to do anything possible to keep him in school in a healthy enviroment for everyone. That temporarily, while the doctors are still trying to line him out, our school would require a pull up for everyone's protection. The NP and mom agree'd that was a logical and reasonable request. I questioned the NP about Hershprungs, which I had never heard of before until Bergren suggested it. The NP said they never considered that since she was only aware of his urinary issues, although mother said he has had bowel incontenance since birth several times a week as well. So she suggested a doctor referal to a gastroenterologist as well. I can't help but to be a little aggrivated with the medical proffesionals to not try to rule all possible physical problems first. So we made a "behaivor plan" for everyone to follow. Kind of like we expect this, if it doesn't happen then we will go here, and so on. So for now we are requiring a pull up. If he does well for a week then the next week no pull up, if he has a problem then we'll go back to a pull up for a week and try again. So, the big kicker, here it is Monday morning, mother promised he would be here with a pull up on and guess what....no student! Sigh.......
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    I am not. I have been interested in doing so, however it is costly and my district will not pay for it. I've asked. Plus there is no incentive for me doing so, no pay raise etc. I've done quite a bit of research on getting certified but I'm confused what f2f means? The online program would be wonderful as extremely busy as I am. I wish the school would put a value on it. I know it would be helpful. I just don't get paid enough to pay for it myself.
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    Unfortunately I am the one and only here! Our school is a Pre-K through 12 grade. All in one building! We run around 750-800 students. A very small community, but nice. That is also a setback. There was not a knowlegable nurse before me and I am trying to pick up many pieces here. This is my 3rd year here and I soak up everything I can about policys, guidlines, etc. from anyone I can. This school being so small is used to running things without any nursing help so I'm trying to make my way into the school system where I can be a useful resource!
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    You all have been so helpful. I really don't know what I would have done without your excellent advice. I am so completely greatful!
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    What do you guys do for...........

    I also do vasaline often. I also tell them to hydrate themselves. That is the major culprit for dry cracked lips. I have a really hard time with teachers sending kids during class time. I think some of these guys bug them so severely they finally give in and send them no matter what is going on in class. That makes me wish they would get a little tougher on them. But I've heard so many times that they are afraid not to send them because of parent complaints if they weren't allowed to see the nurse. Its frustrating.
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    We are having a meeting with mom tomorrow hopefully to develop a 504 plan for this young man. Our asst. principal called our school psych yesterday so I'm hoping she will be there to help us along. I have absolutely no experience with the 504 plans either. This is the first time its came up since I've worked here. It's such an unusual problem I think we've all been confused on how to best solve this issue. My fear is mom is going to shoot down everything we suggest doing in the 504, such as changing clothes when wet, letting us know so we may help him better, etc. She wants him to go on without any assistance at all or to be made to change or clean up. We've had several instances with her where she will agree to something one day and the next day totally turn 180 and refuse it. That's where a signed plan will come in handy if we get her to agree. What will we do if a plan isnot made or she refuses all our suggestions? Where should we go from there?
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    Anyone teach High School CNA/Health Careers classes?

    Thanks for so much info!! I truely appriciate it! I am really excited about teaching HS. I taught at a local junior college for a summer and enjoyed that as well. We are partnering with our junior college so yes, I think that will make life much easier. In fact, I think they are paying for equipment and the like as well. I have a class to take this summer called train the trainor. Did you take this course? Its supposed to give me all the info I need to start up a CNA program. I'm hoping this class will be extremely useful since I'll be starting up pretty much blind! I'm a little intimedated having to start from scratch but I suppose everyone has to. Hopefully the students I will have will be interested and supportive. We are a small school district with the nearest nursing home 20-30 minutes away so I am concerned with how are clinicals will go as well.
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    Thank you so much for your expertise. I really have no experience at all with 504's. My school unfortunately leaves me out of IEP meetings and the such. I've ask to come in on some meetings with my students I see on a daily basis. My school has went so long without real nursing support they don't know how to act since they've gotten one in that cares!
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    Illinois School Nurses...I need your help!!!

    That's what I think I haven't made clear in this discussion. He does not have a 504 plan nor does he have an IEP. We are meeting with mother tomorrow afternoon and I'm hoping that we will draw one up with her! If she refuses a plan, which I see her doing, what measures could the school then take?