Interview Monday morning for school LPN position

  1. I just got the call! I have an appt Monday morning for an interview here in our local school system. It's part-time and says 5 hrs a day, so at this point I'm not sure what it entails. But I figure it'd be a foot in the door at least, and a blessing since I'm currently unemployed.

    Anyone have any suggestions for me? Possible interview questions, scenarios, etc? Any pointers would be appreciated.
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  3. by   mc3
    Congratulations - I hope you get the job. Usually, the pay isn't much but boy is it a fun job! However, you're handling a wide variety of situations, from needing a bandaid to calling 911 for a suspected heart attack (staff). Asthma is also a big issue, so be prepared to answer questions on that. I'm also an LPN and I was interviewed by the principal, then the District RN. The principal wanted to basically know how I would handle certain situations, i.e. child you believed had been abused, how would you handle an angry parent, why you want to be a school nurse, etc. The District RN asked me about the different types of insulins, how would you handle a diabetic or medical emergency, what do you do when someone is having seizures, etc. I was very, very fortunate! My principal was a wonderful woman who totally respected me as the medical professional at the school. The District RN is very supportive, and they both back me up if a parent gets angry, etc. My advice is just to be honest, and know your basic nursing and triage skills. Be prepared though - my biggest surprise was encountering all the crazy parents and their tantrum-like behavior. It can escalate to a dangerous situation quickly. In my school, it happens alot. We have lots of children who are living in poverty, and some of their situations are very sad. Be prepared to give lots of TLC, but involve your guidance counselor or principal if you think the child is in jeopardy. I have made calls to the DCF hotline when I had concerns of abuse or neglect. Remember, you're the nurse. It's your obligation to report neglect or abuse situations. I have heard of some schools where contacting DCF is frowned upon, but not my district. As a nurse first, and a school employee second, I am a mandated reporter.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.
    Good luck!
  4. by   Tina, RN
    Good luck!!! If (when!) you get the job, grab on with both hands and don't let go. School nursing jobs are awesome!

    At my interview, I was asked about how to handle a seizure. I was also asked about what I'd do with a "frequent flier" child that came to my office constantly. My answer was that I'd speak with the teacher to see if there might be a particular subject/situation that the student may be trying to avoid. Also, that I'd call the parent to let them know, and inquire as to whether they are aware of any problems. You may get questions on how to handle an asthma attack. When I started, I wasn't very familiar with insulin pumps, since I really didn't deal with them at the hospital. Maybe just go in with a basic understanding of them. Peanut/food allergies are a big thing at schools as well. Read up on that. These days, you also may be asked about lock-down situations in case of an emergency. Always remember that communication is key. I think that the interviewers like to hear that you want to be part of a "team", since schools are like little villages in and of themselves. Also, if you aren't sure of the answer to a question, you can always say you'd follow what the district's policy/procedures call for.

    Best wishes!!
  5. by   LisaLPN7
    Quote from mc3
    Usually, the pay isn't much but boy is it a fun job!
    The advertised pay for the job is only $11.22 an hour. I was totally shocked at that! Especially considering that there is a school secretary job being advertised as well, and it starts out at over $12 an hour!

    However, I am more than willing to earn less an hour, just to be able to have my weekends, nights, and holidays to share with my family. That's a huge deal with me.

    My interview tomorrow is with the RN over the school system. I don't know if I will interview with the principle or not.

    Thanks for your help. I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions if I get hired.
  6. by   LisaLPN7
    Thanks, Tina! I'll definitely do some quick research on the things you suggested. I've never dealt with an insulin pump myself, so that one's gonna take some research.
  7. by   LisaLPN7
    I GOT THE JOB!!!!! I left the central office thinking I could have done better, and not thinking I'd hear from them again. But the RN in charge called me about an hour after my appointment and said that she'd been so impressed with me that she had cancelled the remaining appointments for interviews and the job was mine!

    I am a school nurse!!!!!
  8. by   akanini
    Congrats!!! Where do you live? Im just curious because that pay rate is very low.
  9. by   LisaLPN7
    I live in TN, in a small town not far from Nashville.
  10. by   mc3
    Congratulations!! If you as lucky as I am, you'll absolutely love it! If you're working part-time, are you eligible for benefits? My insurance is pretty good, and I am on the state pension system. That kind of makes up for the low salary, but you'll love all the holidays you'll have, and the summer off.
    If you need help with anything, you can PM me and I'll try to help.
    Again, Congratulations!!
  11. by   NutmeggeRN
    When I interviewed for my job I walked into a large group interview....8-9 people....almost died right there on the spot!....They were from Guidance, Special Ed, Principal, Vice Principal, other school nurse! Education sometime has that beware!! Good Luck!
  12. by   shamrokks
    Congrats on the job LisaLPN7
  13. by   100kids
    Congrats on getting the job!