Feminine products

  1. I was wondering does your school fund for Female students to receive feminine pads and or tampons? The school district I work for does not supply them. I have bought a box and it is almost gone after the first day busy low socioeconomic population. Or do you have any resources on how our district or I can get these items for our female students.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Google the heck out of that topic. I know of a couple of charities that do this important work. You could also do an Amazon Wish List and start the ball rolling among your circle of friends.

    Helping Women Period - Providing feminine hygiene products to homeless and low income women.
  4. by   aprilmoss
    Playtex sends a couple of cases of tampons to the athletic department (go figure). Some of these work their way down to the clinic for "emergencies".
    When I was working in the middle school, several of the manufacturers sent sample packs for distribution to the students. I got the extras from these for the clinic as well.
  5. by   peacockblue
    I am able to purchase with my budget, but often I get free products from playtex or Tampax. Look around and maybe you can find freebies.
  6. by   Nurse2Kids
    I would definitely call the companies, ask local stores (Target/Walmart) for donations, maybe some local churches. I don't think anyone would bat an eye about donating those things for the students.
  7. by   Amethya
    I'm so sure someone told me of organizations that give free feminine products.