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    I'm a first year school nurse, and this is the first time the district has EVER had a school nurse. They've done without a nurse for years, so tend to do things their own way. We're making strides, but not completely there yet. I had a situation today where the school secretary (with principal's okay) didn't realize I was in my office, and decided she could give the student a Vitamin C cough drop from her purse. I would never know since I'm not in my office, right? SMH. I didn't have to say anything once I stepped out of my office door. The principal just walked back to his office acting like nothing had happened. The secretary knew I heard what had just taken place, and just exclaimed in a very short tone, "These are not medicine. They're vitamin C drops. I'm sorry, but that's not medicine". Well, as I'm pulling up the Vit. C cough drops online, I notice they contain soy. So, if you have a child with soy allergy, avoid these. Some cough drops contain gluten as well.
  2. Nurse2Kids

    SHAC suggestions

    Looking for suggestions for our SHAC. We've invited esteemjourney.com, and will purchase that curriculum. In the past (before they had a nurse) they've done a student garden, had unsuccessful health fairs, but not much else. Anyone have any suggestions for a SHAC meeting topic, or who I might try to invite to speak? We are a smaller rural district, so our options are a bit limited, OR I'm just being closed minded.
  3. Nurse2Kids

    I need your help ASAP please

    Calling all school nurses, here's my situation: I have no school nurse experience other than what I've studied extensively over the last few weeks, and it's A LOT! I do have years of experience in the hospital setting with kids and adults. I was offered a position in a larger school district with many other nurses in the district, at a middle school. The socioeconomic level in the area is low. This particular school is set in an area with higher drug/crime rates. I've another interview at a very small school district that has never had a school nurse before, but it's a great district in a semi-rural area. This school is only just now creating a school nurse position, so it would have to be set up from the ground up. Is it even fair to the district to have a nurse with no school experience doing this position? I know I would like the smaller school area, but my go-to people would be other nurses from other districts and you all. At the larger school I would always have someone to contact for any needs or questions, and would also have vacation relief, etc. The nurse that is retiring out of this district is allowing me to shadow her on my own time for the remainder of the year to get familiar with the ropes, and I hear she is very good. Another factor to consider is the smaller school has the same school year schedule as my teens, so all vacations would be the exact same. At the larger school, they would be mostly the same, other than Spring and Winter breaks. The pay b/t the two isn't enough to be a factor in this. I would love to hear your opinions, and appreciate brutal honesty! Oh, and if you feel I should not consider the rural area job at all, should I tell them during the interview, or just complete the interview and decide afterwards?