End of the year new entrants

  1. Does your district have a policy or a cut off on new entrants? Seems like the end of the school year has occurred in many other countries and now we are seeing an influx of new end of year entrants traveling to visit family and enrolling into the district. We have 19 days to go and still getting new students. Are they just looking for babysitting services? Teachers will basically not be teaching anything new come next week. Even have one registration for a kindergarten student with a missing polio vaccine and list medical condition of scabies! Yeah nope not happening. Is there an upside I don't know about to increase student population by the end of the year? Not getting it.
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  3. by   rbytsdy
    I used to see this in the district I worked in a couple years ago. A lot of families came from Costa Rica. I believe the school year runs March to March down there? So we'd get families moving here in April or May with the expectation of starting their kids in school. My favorite was the family who came with a child who had just completed 2nd grade. The family was insistent that we enroll him in our 3rd grade. So he'd have 2 months of 3rd grade and we'd put him into 4th grade in September. Sure.
  4. by   River Song, RN
    Yep, we get kids all the time. I've had at least 10 enroll this month and their last day is June 1st. We had three poor kiddos enroll the day before our state standardized testing the first week in May .... so not only did I have to do screens and track down immunizations but they got to spend their second and third day at our school stuck in 5 hour long exams

    Then my favorite is the kiddo enrolled by our registrar from out of state two weeks ago without asking about vaccinations. So when I got an email about the new enrollment, I went to look at the file and held my tongue because I am ALWAYS supposed to clear their immunizations BEFORE enrollment if they are from out of state to comply with state rules. Well low and behold it didn't have any vaccination records, and I just got a "hmmm I didn't realize that" from the clerk. Of course when I called the mom they are non-vaxxers and the student has never had a shot. I did explain the process in our state for getting an exemption but it requires them requesting a form be mailed to them then getting it signed and notarized and this is supposed to happen BEFORE enrollment and the families get a nice sense of urgency about it when we won't let them start until it's in place. The whole situation really aggravates me as I have a Principal who doesn't like to exclude after they are enrolled - we have 4 days of school left so I made it clear to Mom that this kiddo will NOT BE allowed back in August if I don't have that form in hand.
  5. by   XingtheBBB
    I had a senior student transfer to another high school. The request from the new school nurse for his records arrived was the day after our seniors completed their last day of finals, the day before their grades were due. Are you kidding me? The new school runs two weeks longer.
  6. by   AdobeRN
    No cut off date - parents can and do enroll kids all the way up to the last week of school. I had my last new kiddos a week ago (our last day is June 1st) - all 3 of them from another country and not up to date on immunizations. Immunization, paperwork etc rules are the same for all students no matter if they start in September or the last week of school. This family ended up starting a few days later after mom was able to get the immunizations done.

    Pain in the behind for all involved at the end of the year but nothing we can do about it.
  7. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    My school has a February 15th cut-off date due the lottery system we have (it is a charter). So I always know no new student will enter after then until the next school year.
  8. by   MHDNURSE
    Quote from JenTheSchoolRN
    My school has a February 15th cut-off date due the lottery system we have (it is a charter). So I always know no new student will enter after then until the next school year.
    Ours is the same!