Do you ever NOT give out ice packs? - page 5

I feel like I'm becoming some sort of icepack Nazi! I have literally gotten so low on icepacks that I'm now hoarding the few I still have for those instances where ice is NECESSARY and not just... Read More

  1. by   Tencat12
    Ice pack for you! Ice pack for you! Ice packs for EVERYONE! I have ziplock baggies and plenty of ice in the cafeteria......But great to know that ice is contraindicated for a few things.
  2. by   cburgess30513
    I used to get my ice from the cafeteria daily, but decided to beg for my own little ice machine. I love it! I use food storage bags, one scoop of ice, tie the top and bam! Store some in my little freezer and make the rest on a prn basis. Occasionally I still run to the cafeteria for a cooler full (field day). Best purchase I have had my school make!
  3. by   icepak
    If a teacher says "ice pack" I NEVER give it (unless really needed). I wouldn't go into their classroom and say "reading help". This is a BIG pet peeve, can you tell?
  4. by   smudges.blips
    I think of it like a teachable moment- is there swelling? Is there bruising? Trouble with ROM? If the answer is no then ice isn't necessary. Helps them learn the difference between discomfort and injuries. I remind them how amazing their body is at healing itself but reassure them that if it still hurts in 45 min then we can reassess. Never see them again 😊 More often than not they just needed someone to reassure them they're fine.