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bluebonnetrn has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in School nurse.

17 years as nurse with experience in med-surg, rehab, L&D/postpartum, gyn and plastics. Currently a school nurse for a 1200 student middle school. Camp nurse a few summers when I feel like it.

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  1. bluebonnetrn

    Tired of being "the bad guy"...

    For the most part my parents have been incredibly kind, understanding and grateful. They sometimes express frustration but it is clear that they are just venting and it's not directed at me. There have been a few jerks but only a few. I feel like the parents have been more grateful this year than ever before (or perhaps they have just been more expressive about it) and for all of the crap this year this part has been really nice.
  2. bluebonnetrn

    Under the Influence Assessment

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! I am there to evaluate if they are stable or if they need medical attention. If they want proof of substance abuse they need to do lab testing. That said, our district makes us do the assessment as part of their evidence gathering for the student's discipline hearing. I hate it that they use us to provide "evidence". It's wrong for so many reasons. We had to take a "DiBrep" assessment training given to us by a state trooper (in other words, not a clinical person - I don't need two hours on how to evaluate nystagmus hmmm-mmmm thank you). It has very little medical value, gives absolutely no proof whatsoever of substance abuse or not and is used as someone already said for establishing probable cause on the side of the road. Yet we have to do it. And every single last friggin' time one of the admins will ask me "So did they take something? What did they take?' And EVERRRRY time I explain to them that this assessment tells me squat. We use a different form but it has all of the same information that was linked in the PDF files above. To make it even better I have even had to do these assessments on someone TWENTY FOUR hours after they had taken a ew sips of tequila. ummm....OK..... not sure what you think this is going to do 24 hours after the fact. It's a dumb waste of time and puts us in a bad spot.
  3. bluebonnetrn

    2020 small achievements

    NSV (non school victory) My hair mysteriously changed from straight to curly (yay hormones!) and I have been learning how to care for naturally curly hair. Big learning curve!! I am proud to say that I have finally got a routine that leaves me with somewhat decent hair so I don't look like I am homeless. I have even watched a few hair care videos while sitting at my desk 🤩
  4. bluebonnetrn

    How Are You Passing Time?

    YUP! All of this. Before we had kids back in person I had some time to get my clinic super organized and take care of some cleaning/purging/organizing tasks that had been neglected. So that was nice. But now it is all of the above. Even though I have less visit numbers per day each visit is a much bigger deal and taking more time. I find myself with very little down time.
  5. bluebonnetrn

    Vague Absence Notes of illness

  6. bluebonnetrn

    Texas School Nurses + Covid-19

    Here is a great screening tool to share https://www.sanantonio.gov/Health/News/Alerts/CoronaVirus
  7. bluebonnetrn

    Now that we are working from home . . .

    Just curious - what do your office hours consist of? Are you assessing students? Are you doing some teaching? Just talking and listening?
  8. bluebonnetrn

    Are you trained to check COVID-19 in staff?

    So - I really don't see how we need to be "trained" to screen people. We already do that. We already triage people. -"You're fine, go back to class" -"You should go home and let mom and dad take care of you at home" -"You are sick and need to be seen by a doctor" - "You are really sick and need to go to the hospital" OR we provide necessary interventions until EMS arrives We already do this people and this situation is really not any different. I can't tell someone if they have strep but I can tell them if it's something that should be checked into further. In this case we just add a few extra questions: Where have you traveled in the last 14 days? Have you been in close contact who has tested positive? Other than that we are all still checking the same things: temperature, respiratory status, symptoms, medical history From there, we already know how to shuttle them in the right direction.
  9. bluebonnetrn

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    I also really like what Dr. Hodges has to say on this topic. He is a pediatric urologist and got into this topic because he determined that most often the cause of bedwetting and daytime accidents was not the GU system but constipation. If you read through his materials what he says really makes A LOT of sense. I have had some kids who had issues with daytime stool accidents and his info really helped the parents understand the problem. Many pediatricians don't understand this which is really sad. https://www.bedwettingandaccidents.com/
  10. bluebonnetrn

    Stomach Pain for 3 Weeks

    I agree that the GI doc is the next stop. But you can have regular BMs and still be constipated. A look at the good ol' Bristol stool chart can help with that. http://pediatricsurgery.stanford.edu/Conditions/BowelManagement/bristol-stool-form-scale.html
  11. bluebonnetrn

    Diabetes Question

    This is what I do: Calculate carb ratio just based on carbs Calculate correction dose based on BG level Add 2 numbers together then round
  12. bluebonnetrn

    Nursing Experience on Salary Scale

    In my district we get half credit for our experience outside of the school, 1/2 year credit for every year worked. But if a teacher works one semester in a school (4 or 5 months) they get credit for a full year experience. Complete BS if you ask me!
  13. bluebonnetrn

    "The Nurse doesn't really DO anything" -Middle school students

    One of my T1D girls said this yesterday in front of a teacher "She doesn't do anything for me. I do it all myself!" OH Really!?!? 🤪 But honestly she sounded like a two year old "I do it myself!" Yes, yes you do sweet girl 🤗
  14. bluebonnetrn

    Do you ever NOT give out ice packs?

    THIS THIS THIS! 👏 Yes, I am still standing my ground and this is exactly why. For those visits I document health education as the intervention. If it doesn't have visible swelling, redness or bruising or I don't have a reasonable anticipation of bruising I don't give an ice pack. If someone wants to come at me with pitchforks on facebook then it basically shows everyone how ridiculous they are. I am good with that.
  15. bluebonnetrn

    Parents be like...

    Me: "Hi this is the school nurse. Everything is ok but just wanted to let you know that Timmy bumped his head on the wall while standing in line. He's ok, no bump or bruise, he's been resting with an ice pack for a little bit and now he's ready to go back to class." Parent: "Oh NO!! Do I need to come get him? Is he bleeding out of his ears? Did he vomit? Do I need to take him to the doctor RIGHT NOW??" Me: "No, as I just stated, he's ok and he's ready to go back to class now" 🙄 (* we are required to call parent for every single head bump even if it is nothing)
  16. bluebonnetrn

    Parents be like...

    Excluded from first day of school for delinquent immunizations (8 total notifications went home starting beginning of May) Father calls and rants: "My children have never been vaccinated because I don't believe in poisoning their bodies, you don't need a new exemption every 2 years, I know because I always do them, you only have to do it once, I was in the military and a firefighter and I know because I have done my research" End of the week comes in with a completed exemption form. Show him how little darling has all the shots except this year's requirements and has never before had an exemption Father: "Oh yeah, little darling already has all the shots and that's why I don't want them to give any more" 😾