A quick hello from a newbie

  1. Hi everyone!
    I know we are now on break for Thanksgiving but I finally started working as a substitute school nurse yesterday and wanted to drop by introduce myself. I have been browsing for months as I searched for jobs and have found your posts to be most helpful. I have spent 8 years as a nurse in the either a nursing home or hospital setting but have been becoming increasingly interested in school nursing. The schedule has it perks plus I want to be part of a more community like setting rather than part of and industrial machine type setting. You know the kind of place where you know everyone and its not about numbers in/ numbers out.

    Just like everyone had mentioned my very fist day was trial by fire in a very busy little elementary school and I found the experience to be refreshing. In 5 hours I had 11 student come in for complaints of not feeling well, 4 daily meds students, and a staff injury report. I also had a parent call to report lice and had to conduct a lice check for a whole class room. Who said school nursing is boring? Any way I hope you all have a great break and I look forward to being a part of this community.
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    Hi, and welcome! I was going to say, you posted at the worst possible time...
    Happy Thanksgiving.
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    Hi! I'm a newbie, too. This is my first year, and I love it so far. Also, I'm way less bored/more busy than I thought I'd be. The schedule is amazing, I just had a 5-day weekend
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    It is great to have both of you here with us! Good luck to both of you as you learn to navigate the education system. Sometimes is it lonely- but, that is why we have such a great group here to support and help each other. As you said, it is never boring. Annnnnd Christmas Break will be here in a blink of an eye...and that means, in general, that school is somewhere in the vicinity of half over. Wooop! Woooop!
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    Welcome Welcome!

    We wear Pink on Wednesdays, look over the C'mon Thread for TONS of laughs, and don't be afraid to ask any question!