A new argument against lice checks in school

  1. You might get stabbed!

    A Kingsville Elementary School parent was arrested Wednesday afternoon after allegedly bringing a knife on school property when she came to pick up her child because she had head lice.
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  3. by   NutmeggeRN
  4. by   JenTheSchoolRN
    Wow. I know lice still carries an unwarranted unclean stigma, but...

    I've had parent annoyed when I tell them they need to pick their child, however, this is scary.
  5. by   SassyTachyRN
    Wow, how crazy!!! I sadly always worry about this happening after a CPS call, but never after a lice call...
  6. by   stephaniehowe
    Have a feeling this might be me soon, I've had to send a student home 12 times this school year with lice. I don't even call anymore since mom never comes and picks her up when she says she is on her way. Past few times she doesn't even return my multiple calls! I have also asked her to bring in a new inhaler for brother since were down to 4 puffs, "oh I forgot" guess the 5 times I asked before wasn't enough notice! Thankful it's a 3 day wkend, Christmas break was just not long enough!!!
  7. by   AussiePupOwner

    Because of the latest news from the CDC, starting next year, we may not even be able to send them home. Usually, the child is pretty uncomfortable and I'm hoping this will encourage the parent to come get their child; however, I know it won't always work.
  8. by   fetch
    (The "ml" fell off your link, just fyi.)

    NASN and AAP have been advocating for getting rid of "no nit" policies for a while now - that doesn't mean districts are going to change those policies. Parents get too freaked out, no matter what evidence says.