A little Smile for your day

  1. 1st Grader: I feel like something is stuck in my throat, and it's a little sore.
    Me: Asking all of the normal questions, including, have you had a cough or a stuffy nose?
    1st grader: Well yes, back in December 2017 I did.
    Me: Ok, but how about anytime recently?

    Gotta love it!
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  3. by   ceelopez12
    Student convo.
    -I have Pink Eye!
    ME: Well why do you say that?
    -Because i went to the restroom and my eye is PINK!
  4. by   Have Nurse
    The kid is detail-oriented. Gotta love it, yes!!
  5. by   XingtheBBB
    That reminds me of a kid who said "I have an inhaler but I haven't needed it in about 10 years!" But Sweetie... you're 6.
  6. by   T-ROD
    Kindergartner walks in says "hey doctor".
    "I am not a doctor, I am the nurse"
    she reply's " ok lady with brown hair who is not a doctor, will you look at this"

    Oh kids!!!!!
  7. by   ceelopez12
    i got called Ms. Office once because they said i work in the office!