"They have a cozy cot in there"

  1. That's what the kid said who was not sick but referred to it as "an option". Umm no, not an option. No fever, no blood, no puke-go on back to class. Kid has a nurse for Mom-back to class and early to bed little one.

    Not an option. Tsk tsk
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  3. by   Nurse ABC
    Sometimes when kids are complaining of a belly ache and I know they aren't just sleepy I let them lie on the cot for a few minutes. It's amazing how quickly they get bored and ask to leave if they aren't really sick!
  4. by   Nurse ABC
    Oh and mine is not cozy-no blanket and no pillow. Don't want them to get too comfortable!
  5. by   coughdrop.2.go
    I had a student that was sent to me to "take a nap" (high school student) because she took Allergy medicine this morning and was sleepy. She apparently couldn't keep her head up and eyes open. I agreed, but told staff I will not make this a habit. Student asked where her pillow and blanket was and I explained there is only one pillow with a plastic cover on it. She rolled her eyes and asked to go back to class. Allergy miracle.
  6. by   NurseKitKat
    I will let them lay down for a few minutes as well...no blanket or pillows in my clinic either, and when they ask why I go into great detail about germ transmission, types of illness & symptoms, etc....they usually are on their way back to class in 10 minutes ;P
  7. by   Keepitreal123
    Haha reminds me in HS when we were tired would just go lay down on bed in infirmary (was a separate room with two beds), no nurse, just had to tell front desk. Good thing it was a guarded school secret.
  8. by   Flare
    i do have a blanket -but i only break it out for the ones that are waiting and waiting, shivering and lying there with raging fevers. All others do not get that type of service. And besides - it's not like it's anything luxurious - it's army surplus.