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I was talking to a supervisor about re-entry and they mentioned suppliers of N-95 masks were not selling to schools because school nurses are not considered front-line workers? Has anyone else heard anything about this? I think any nurse in a school with hundreds of students and staff and multiple daily interactions with ill students is certainly front-line. It would be very difficult to wear an N-95 nonstop all day and I really feel for nurses who must, but I think we should have them available for use during clinic visits and while ill students wait in the clinic to be picked up. 

shark_nurse14, BSN, RN

Specializes in school nursing.

I haven't heard anything like this, and our district has been able to obtain N95s.

I agree, we are certainly first responders! I see these kids before 911 is called, before the paramedics arrive, before they are considered inpatient in a hospital...doesn't get more frontline than that if you ask me.

There may be a concern for selling N95s to schools as districts may be trying to buy for more than just nursing staff? I don't know, I'm at a loss. If they truly feel we aren't first responders it's due to their ignorance and isn't a true reflection of our profession and specialty. 


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