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Any advice about what you do when student's soil themselves would be great! I don't feel like there is enough information on rules/regulations when it comes to school nursing. I don't feel comfortable "cleaning up" students when they have accidents...



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Did you call the parents and give them a heads' up?


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Call the parents to come to school to clean and change them. If it's a diarrhea accident they take the kid home. If it's just a poop uh oh the kid can stay. If it's a pee accident the kid can change themselves if they have extra clothes here at school; if not the parents get to bring clothes to school. We have no extra clothes at school.


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They either change themselves or I call a parent. I only had 1 case of severe diarrhea in a non-verbal student where I couldn't get ahold of the parents. I tried calling the brother in high school who said his parents have no phone. We send the police to the parents' house. They didn't answer because they were "afraid." After hours of this child sitting in her diarrhea, a female administrator came over to observe as I cleaned the girl up. A lunch aide finally went to the parents' house and mom came about 45 minutes before school ended. Turns out the kid had diarrhea all weekend as well.


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I have made the decision to longer assist with this after last week - had a parent complain to admin about me sending feces soiled clothing home - I don't know what he wanted me to do with them and he would not give the principal a straight answer when he was asked that question. Just be prepared that no matter what you decide to do you can't please everyone.

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The only kids who (so far) have had diarrhea in their pants have been PK or K and thus I feel no discomfort with cleaning them up. I always call home if it's diarrhea. In any case of poopy pants, I double bag. The parents seem to appreciate it.